Bringing Cheer To Others: Cat’s Angel Message for February 19, 2020

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Bringing Cheer To Others: Cat’s Angel Message for February 19, 2020

February’s Theme: Trusting in the “unseen” and believing in yourself puts you on the path to manifesting your dreams and goals.

The unselfish effort to bring cheer to others will be the beginning of a happier life for ourselves. – Helen Keller

219: Life is an ongoing series of lessons and we are constantly learning new things. It is through this process that we continue our personal evolution. The knowledge and insight that we acquire along the way can be shared with others and can play an important role in our “service to others”. Service to others means that we are putting them before ourselves and while this is a good thing the angels want us to remember the importance of creating and maintaining our balance. We can tip the scales in either direction by giving too much or not enough. There are many ways that we can be of service, lead or teach others.  However, the simplest forms are through word, deed or example. If you think about it it’s pretty cool that these simple things have the power to inspire those around us whether we’re aware of it or not. Today we are being asked to share our light with others through word, deed or example. Look to the people who inspire you and strive to inspire others. Shine -Inspire-Be inspired-Grow!

Our Spiritual Helpers for today include: Embrace the healing energy of Archangel Raphael. This enhances your personal healing abilities so that you are better equipped to help yourself and others when needed. He teaches us that it is through our spiritual journey that we can heal our selves and our lives and therefore regain our self-confidence and faith. He helps to clear the way so that we can achieve balance by removing the blocks associated with giving and receiving by promoting flexibility in thinking and attitude.

The Ascended Master El Morya supports all who give of themselves in service of others and he shows us how to stay committed to our own growth so that we can heal and teach those in need. He reminds us that it is our faith that keeps us grounded so that we can embrace both the patience and the clear decision making needed to make things happen.

The Chinese Goddess Kuan Yin, who embodies compassion and mercy says, “You are a beautiful soul and have so much to offer. I can guide you on the path of self-love and help you to embrace the confidence you need to free your mind, heart, and spirit. Be gentle on yourself. Joy comes from embracing the simple things which will free the energy needed to assist in the creation process.”

Our Sacred Stones for today include:

Chalcedony brings the mind, body, spirit, and emotions into harmony by calming fear, anger or self-doubt. It also promotes good feelings towards self and others.

Fuchsite helps us to understand our personal interactions with others, particularly in the areas of basic life concerns. It teaches self-worth and how to do what is necessary to get others moving in the right direction without doing everything for them.

Deep blue Lapis Lazuli helps to open the Third Eye Chakra (mind’s eye) and stimulates our personal power. It also harmonizes our energies on all levels as this balance and strengthens our knowledge of self. It also helps us to confront the truth of a situation and promotes acceptance of the lesson involved. It promotes clarity and helps us express our opinions in a positive manner and teaches us the value of being an active listener.

Bright blessings for a magickal day!

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