Cat’s Jewelry Creations & Hair Clips!

“Earthy” Chakra Neclace

This ONE OF A KIND piece is a new spin on our usual chakra offerings. It is created with glass beads, shell heishi and semi-precious stones, with a focus on shape and texture found in the chakra beads. ( length approx. 18 1/2 in) Price includes shipping (US only)



Essential Chakra Necklace

CTT’s “Essential Chakra” necklace is designed to help balance these delicate energy centers while the black onyx beads deflect negative energy. Red Coral, Carnelian, Citrine, Aventurine, Sodalite, Amethyst and Quartz Crystal. Price includes shipping, US Only 1 Available


Earthy Agate Necklace

This ONE OF A KIND creation combines freshwater pearls, goldstone and green agate with a 2 1/2 in dyed agate teardrop pendant. The "earthy' colors are designed to be both casual or dressy! Price includes shipping/US ONLY


Moon Mother Necklace

I see the moon and the moon see’s me. This hand beaded necklace is a CTT exclusive and would make a lovely gift for your Coven Priestess or for the Solitary practitioner.. The centerpiece of this creation is a hand carved bone moon “face. She is surrounded by a midnight blue and starry white web of beads. There are ONLY 1 of these available! Price includes shipping (US only)



Treasures of Atlantis necklace (One Of a Kind)

This ONE OF A KIND necklace features a striking combination of glass beads, freshwater pearls, and abalone shell with a large abalone focal bead. Looks AMAZING with a sweater! Price includes shipping. US shipping only!


SALE!!! Charoite Pendant

This beautiful purple stone is found in Russia and it's name is derived from the words "charming " and "magical", and it certainly is that and highly spiritual as well. This stone is associated with Archangel Michael and works with the third eye/ brow and crown chakras. As a healing stone Charoite helps us to break away from old, outdated cycles and relationships and aids us in opening our intuitive side to better access divine wisdom and guidance. The stone is said to fight negative energy while drawing the protective power of Michael to surround us. it is further enhanced by it's Sterling Silver setting which amplifies the energies of the stone itself. Only ONE available. Price includes shipping (US only) reg. 29.00


SALE!!! Sodalite Pendant

Sodalite Pendant The soothing blue and white coloring of Sodalite has a calming effect on the mind. As a healing stone it allows mental confusion to dissipate while encouraging rational thinking and your own intuition. It is alsosaid to help release rigid mind sets and old mental conditioning, replacing them with more flexible thinking. Sodalite is also known as the stone of artists and singers and is believed to bring artistic inspiration and creativity. In ancient Greece musicians carried it to help develop their skills. The word Sodalite is derived from the Greek "soda" (salt) and "lithos" (stone) as the stone is made up of quite a bit of salt. The properties of the stones is enhanced by the Sterling Silver setting. Measures approx. 1 3/4in. Price includes shipping (US only!) (reg. 30.00)




Ankh Earrings

Element: Water and Air The ankh, also known as the Key of Life, is probably one of the most easily recognizable and best known ancient Egyptian symbols. It represents eternal life and in many ancient carvings Egyptian deities and Pharaoh's are shown holding it. While the origins of the Ankh are unclear, archeologists say that in the ancient language the word means quite literally "Life". One theory as to the symbol itself says that the loop on top represents the womb (feminine) while the cross at the bottom represents the penis (male) and when the two are put together life is formed from it. It is also said to symbolize the elements of both water and air. In pagan traditions these element are considered life giving. When the Ankh is used as an amulet it is believed to give the wearer good health and longevity and protection against evil and negative energy. Price includes shipping. (US shipping only)


Eye of Ra Barrette/ Hair Clip

Last ONE Available! Hand painted design on hardwood maple. Holds well in thick hair. 4 in. long Color: Gold on very dark teal. US Orders only! Price includes shipping.


Happy Blue Barrette/Hair Clip

Last ONE available! Lucky coins and the symbol of happiness accent this bright blue barrette. Hand Painted on hardwood maple. 4 in long. US Orders only! Price includes shipping.


Jolly Roger Barrette/Hair Clip

Last ONE available! Shiver me timbers, this be perfect for any pirate lass! Hand painted on hardwood maple. 4 in long. US Orders only! Price includes shipping


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