Pendulums & Prayer Beads


Red Mookite Pendulum

Mookite is part of the Jasper family of stones and they come in red, wine, yellow, brown, cream and combinations of the colors mentioned. It is found in Australia. It is an excellent grounding and meditation stone and can help promote a desire for new experiences by instilling a calming energy with which to face them. Mookite also aids in decision making when it applies to new things, (ideas, work, relationships) and keeps you moving forward with a clear line of communication. 1 Available! Price includes shipping (US Only)


Earth Mother Prayer Beads

2 Sets Available These Prayer Beads are created from Rainforest Rhyolite, Coral, Mother of Pearl and embellished with a carved bone goddess. The earthy tones of these beads honor the earth mother, Gaia. This is a great set for meditation and for those in caregiving professions. Each set comes with a silk brocade storage bag. Price includes shipping (US shipping only).


Rose Quartz Pendulum

Wire wrapped rose quartz pendulum with detachable chain, accented with rose quartz bear and storage bag. The energy of Rose Quartz is like a bubble bath for the emotions. It is a stone of universal love and helps to enhance creativity and imagination. It is also a calming stone that aids female energy and soothes turbulent emotions. Price includes shipping. (US only)