Love Is All We Have: Cat’s Angel Number for April 7, 2017

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Love Is All We Have: Cat’s Angel Number for April 7, 2017

  April Theme:  This month’s theme is about love and security. The angels are here to help and want us to know that we are safe and that our needs are being met.
Love is all we have, the only way that each can help the other.
– Euripides
 Good Morning  Beautiful Light Beings, 

47:   Yesterday we talked about our angelic support system and how it assists us. We are carrying that message over into today. The angels are reminding us that they can help us even more if we ask for specific help instead of asking in general terms. For example if you need extra money to pay your rent and you request “Angels please bring me money”, you might find $5.00 on the ground. However if you  phrase your request “Angels, I need enough money to pay my rent and buy food, please help me now”, this open up all kinds of avenues for getting the help you need. Remember that help comes in many forms so allow yourself to be receptive on all levels and that you are worthy of receiving blessings in all forms.  Our angels are with us all the time and since their mission is to help us never be afraid to ask for help!
Today we will be working with Archangels Raziel who helps us manifest the things we need and Sandalphon to delivers our prayers and requests to the Divine as well as to the angels and ascended masters who can best help us. We can also call upon Ascended Masters Ganesh who promotes abundance and helps to remove the obstacles in our way and Lugh who helps us to solve problems and find creative solutions. In conjunction with today’s helpers add Angelite to strengthen your communication with the angels. Citrine is sometimes called the money stone and placing one in your wallet promotes prosperity and abundance. If positive flow is what you need both Amethyst and Garnet can help.


Blessings for a magickal day!
What are Angel Numbers?
Your guardian angels are with you everyday helping you along life’s path. Along the way they show you signs, sometimes it’s a physical object like a feather, stone or some unusual object dropped in your path. Other times they will show  you a number sequence, over and over. It could be numbers on a clock, sales slip or license plate. When this happens your angels are trying to give you a message!
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