Words (Original Poetry by Cat)

cloud sun

Clouds and Sun

Clouds and sun set the mood.

I feel like the sun today; trapped behind that wall of darkness.

I fight to free myself and shine only to be blocked, covered, absorbed by something that should never be able to hold me. I’m tired and feel myself falter; weary.  I look to the sun for guidance. It is there, still bravely persevering to be free.

Through the sun and shadow, the Desert Goddess speaks to me:

Be easy my child. Find your sun-fire within! Nothing can stand against it. See how the sun triumphs over cloud? It is the same with you!

Heal yourself in the sacred fire of the soul and burn away the shadows and darkness that hold you. These embers will ignite and fill your heart and spirit with a blazing light like a thousand suns! All will be well child.

And the sun which has been hidden breaks free of its cloudy prison. The warmth floods my face and its healing rays fill my empty being. It sears my soul with hope and an aching desire to reach and grow and set myself free!
© L Cat Bolotin 2020


KODAK Digital Still Camera

In Silence

The goddess of the desert speaks to me in silence.

Her breath, cool and dry, washes over me in gentle benediction.

It touches the wounded places inside and soothes my battered spirit.

Too much. Too much!

And my soul which has been ready to fly cries “Take me with you and let me dwell in silence too!”

Her breath again touches me; soothing me.

And from the silence she speaks; “Stay, it is not yet your time.  I am here. Take comfort from the silence within. Embrace it and hold me close.”

The voice fades on the desert breeze. Leaving me alone with the silence and a feeling of peace that washes over me with gentle benediction.

(C) LBolotin/Cat 2018