The Challenge of Forgiveness: Cat’s Angel Number for April 14, 2017

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The Challenge of Forgiveness: Cat’s Angel Number for April 14, 2017
  April Theme:  This month’s theme is about love and security. The angels are here to help and want us to know that we are safe and that our needs are being met.
 Once you have seen the truth
you must make the decision to let go
of the pain, anger, and resentment you have been holding on to.
This requires you to take action.
If you are attached to your pain, resentment,
and self-righteousness, and addicted to your emotional reactions,
this will be a difficult step for you.
Taking action requires letting go of the very thing
you have been holding on to for so many years.
There is comfort in what we find familiar,
even if we are experiencing pain and suffering.
The pain and suffering itself becomes the familiarity we seek.
It takes absolute faith in yourself
plus courage, will, and discipline to let go.
But once you let go, it will be as if
the weight of the world has been taken off your shoulders.
In this process it is important to forgive
not just the others in our lives, but also ourselves.
For most people, giving ourselves
the gift of forgiveness is very challenging.
– Jonathan Lockwood Huie
 Good Morning  Beautiful Light Beings, 


414:   Our Spa Day from yesterday carries over into today and the angels are asking us to turn over any worries, cares or fears that pop up over to them. They are assisting us with exchanging the negative and stressful with peaceful and positive. Release what no longer serves your highest good or brings you joy. We often hold on to things out of fear. Fear of failure, new experiences, or of ourselves. Sometimes there is a kind of comfort in stagnate situations. After all things stay the same if we don’t try. This releasing is imperative as it not only creates a better life, it makes us healthier in mind, body and spirit. We all deserve and are worthy of  receiving good things. The key here is to trust in yourself and the Universe, you know what you need so allow yourself the ultimate freedom by cutting the cords that are holding you down.
Continue  working with Archangel Michael. He will protect you through the changes and the letting go process. Michael blesses us with the knowledge of our own worth and provides direction the courage we need to move forward. Use your amethyst to connect with Archangel Michael and add Citrine to help banish emotional toxins, and Jade to promote inner and outer peace.
     Blessings for a magickal day!
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