Grow and Bloom: Cat’s Angel Number for April 29, 2017

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Grow and Bloom: Cat’s Angel Number for April 29, 2017

April’s Theme: Love and Security. Our angels are here to help us. They are letting us know that we are safe and that all of our needs are being met.

“Overcome obstacles – grow and bloom anyway.” Jonathan Lockwood Huie

429: Over the last month we been working on letting go of things that no longer serve us and strengthening our faith in the Universe and in ourselves. These things combined are creating new opportunities and opening doors. The angels are helping us now by placing these doors (and windows) of opportunity in our path. Your mission should you accept it is to accept what’s offered before the circle moves on and the doors close. if you miss out on these opportunities they will eventually come back around. The keyword here is “Eventually”. If you are offered something that been waiting for that you need grab it before it disappears!

Archangel Michael gives us the courage we need when faced with the option to move forward.  Pathiel opens the gates of positive manifestation while Archangel Raziel helps us with the manifestation process. The Ascended Master Ganesh helps to remove obstacles and Maat promotes mental clarity if we become confused and unsure.

Today’s Sacred Stones include Black Banded Agate which helps us start new things, beginnings and projects. Okenite can be used in conjunction with Ganesh to clear away obstacles and help you finish what you start. Turquoise used in conjunction with Maat promotes peace of mind and mental clarity and Quartz Crystal help infuse us with excitement for what life has to offer.

Blessings for a magickal day!

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