In Command: Cat’s Angel Number for May 3, 2017

angels 2017 sm

 In Command: Cat’s Angel Number for May 3, 2017

May’s Theme:  Change – Growth – Embrace New Adventures

Remain calm, serene, always in command of yourself. You will then find out how easy it is to get along.  ~ Paramahansa Yogananda

53: Change is a constant part of life whether we like it or not. Too often we find ourselves fighting against it. However, when we embrace it and allow it to unfold instead of struggling with it we find the road smoother and the transition goes more smoothly. Today the Ascended Masters are stepping in to help us clear the path for the changes that we are experiencing. Ask them to assist you in letting go of the old and rigid thinking that is holding us back as it will ease our fears and stress levels. Choose your battles wisely and remember that change will happen one way or the other. The key lies in HOW we deal with it. Work with what you can but don’t struggle with what you can’t.

Our helpers for today are: Serapis Bay who helps us gain spiritual insight and teaches us that loving care is essential to navigating change, Vywamus provides inspiration and helps us discover our unique talents that can help us along the way. Cordelia shows us how to find respite from stress and worry and the Laughing Buddha helps us to release stress and worry while bringing us peace.

These Sacred Stones can help as well, Rose Quartz soothes the emotions and brings peace of mind, Azurite Malachite helps us to accept our personal power and confidence which will reduce stress and Cerussite promotes grounding and teaches us how to understand the changes we are experiencing.

Blessings for a magickal day!


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