It’s a Necessity: Cat’s Angel Number for May 27, 2017

angels 2017 sm

It’s a Necessity: Cat’s Angel Number for May 27, 2017 

May’s Theme:  Change – Growth – Embrace New Adventures

A faith is a necessity to man. Woe to him who believes in nothing. ~Victor Hugo

527:  We are counting down the final days of May and the angels are reminding us again about the power of faith. Faith is inherent to every religion and spiritual path. The only thing it requires is belief in the power (yours and in Spirit) to make things better. We have been working with change this month and that work is never easy, however it is through change that we continue to grow.  The stronger your faith is in yourself and the divine the more empowered you become.  Remember that by stepping into your role as a co-creator you are better able to embrace the new direction your path is taking!

Since faith requires courage if you find yourself lacking in that area Archangel Michael is your go to angel. He helps us to see the best in ourselves by boosting our feelings of worthiness and self esteem. If increasing your faith is what you need the Ascended Masters Moses, Jesus,  El Morya or the Irish Moon Goddess Aine can help! Our sacred stones include Amethyst, the stone of Archangel Michael and Iron Pyrite which dissolves feeling of inadequacy and helps us to open up our unique abilities and unlocks our full potential.

Blessings for a magickal day!


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