Reaping Indigestion: Cat’s Angel Message for June 13, 2017 

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Reaping Indigestion: Cat’s Angel Message for June 13, 2017 

June Theme: Balance – Focus – Faith

He who sows hurry reaps indigestion.  ~Robert Louis Stevenson

613: Yesterday we talked about Divine Timing and how when the time is right things will fall into place. Today the Ascended Masters are stepping in to offer us a little extra assistance. They are asking us to release any worries or concerns that we have in regards to the future, our dreams and our goals. By letting these things go for now and asking for divine help we free up our energy to focus on things we can work with in the now. Today’s number also corresponds to the Sacred Feminine and our own intuition. Embrace both today to gain valuable insights that will serve us later in the week. Remember to have faith and trust in yourself. You know what you need to do so follow your inner guidance system and take the steps that will help you move forward.

 Call on your favorite Ascended Master today (ie Jesus, Buddha, Maitreya, Saint Germain, Yogananda,) or try working with the Sacred Feminine archetypes (ie Mother Mary, Isis, Kuan Yin, Brigit, Gaia) Working with the Sacred Feminine helps us to access that part of ourselves, and yes both sexes have it. This plays an important role in our emotional, and spiritual balance. Our Sacred Stones today are:

Amazonite which helps to balance our male and females energies, it dispels  negative energy and eases worry.
Ametrine helps to release  blocks like negative emotional programing, it helps us to grow on all levels while encouraging us to explore all possibilities and finding creative solutions.
Moonstone can help men to get in touch with their feminine side and helps to balance male-female energy.
Tektite enhances communication with other worlds and encourages spiritual growth.
Blessings for a magickal day!

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