It’s About Teamwork: Cat’s Angel Message for June 14, 2017 

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It’s About Teamwork: Cat’s Angel Message for June 14, 2017 

June Theme: Balance – Focus – Faith

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.  ~Helen Keller

614: Working with the angels and ascended masters is a team effort and if we truly want to succeed it’s imperative that we do our part. This means that once we ask for assistance we continue to add our energy to the request by taking opportunities as they present themselves, releasing things to make room and staying positively focused on the desired outcome (=Success) . Today the angels are reminding us that they can only do so much. The Universe has an unlimited supply but without adding our own efforts and energies we won’t get the “whole enchilada”,  just a few bites. Remember, you and your angels are a team and by working together with faith, and focus there is nothing that cannot be accomplished!

While you can call on any Angel or Ascended Master, but here are a few who address specific concerns: Archangel Raziel helps us to manifest prosperity and abundance. Archangel Jeremiel helps us to make positive life changes. Dana, Hathor and Mother Mary help with protection and guidance of children. Lu-Hsing helps in all areas of employment, interviews and raises. Ida-Ten and Kuan Ti help in legal matter and obtaining justice. Our Sacred Stones are Fluorite to help focus the mind and Spirit Quartz to overcome fear of success.

Blessings for a magickal day!

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