Creative Flexibility:  Cat’s Angel Message for August 12, 2017


Creative Flexibility:  Cat’s Angel Message for August 12, 2017

August Theme: Prosperity- Abundance- Creative Problem Solving

Be resolute in your goals, but flexible in your tactics. ~ Jonathan Lockwood Huie 

812: Today we continue on the theme of creative problem solving. We are all capable of this, however some seem to have difficulty in accessing it. This could be because they are afraid to let themselves go or what others may think. By allowing our creative mind to blossom it invites new ideas to come and visit. While it’s true that these ideas may generate artistic endeavours it can also generate a completely different approach to solving issues that we are working on.  This in turn gives us more options and flexibility so that we have more to work with. The angels are reminding us to stay positive, focused and open to trying out new ideas!

Archangel Uriel can show us how to access new and creative ideas. We can also harness the power of the Irish moon goddess Aeracura by letting her show us a more playful and joyous approach to life in general which can help our creative thought process. Keep working with Chiastolite (Cross Stone, Andalusite)  to help balance problem solving with with creativity and practicality.

Blessings for a magickal day!


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