Something To Inspire You: Cat’s Angel Message for March 11, 2018 

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Something To Inspire You: Cat’s Angel Message for March 11, 2018 

 March Theme:  This month guidance is coming from the Ascended Masters. Find what defines you and use it to inspire others. Free your creative side and share your ideas and gifts.

To succeed, you need to find
something to hold on to,
something to motivate you,
something to inspire you.
– Tony Dorsett

 311: We all have dreams and goals. Many of these dreams or goals we put on hold for various reasons. Money, time, fear, other people, or we are simply not ready to move forward. Today the Universe is asking us to dust off what we have put aside and bring those things into the light. Remember, things don’t have to be perfect in order to go for what you want. The important part is taking that first step. Take time to focus each day on what you want to achieve. Use powerful statements, I AM, I CAN, I WILL to give  yourself a boost of positive power. The Ascended Masters tell us ” Don’t be afraid to share your dreams and goals with others. It is through sharing them that will help give you energy and opportunity.”


Archangel Raguel helps with personal empowerment and soothes the inner turmoil we can feel when deciding whether or not to “go for it”. The Ascended Master El Morya assists us in making decisions that will enhance our lives and help us to achieve our goals and the Hindu Goddess Kali surrounds us with the energy of transformation which helps us to let go of the old and bring in the new. She helps us find our tenacity, courage and determination so that we can make things happen.

Our Sacred Stone for today is Iolite. Iolite is a stone of vision and assists our intuition which aids us in setting things in motion. It helps you stay true to yourself and your path while freeing you from the expectations of others.



Bright blessings for a magickal day!


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