Nourish Not The Ego: Cat’s Angel Message for August 14, 2018 

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 Nourish Not The Ego: Cat’s Angel Message for August 14, 2018 

August Theme:  Prosperity and abundance is what we are concentrating on prosperity and abundance this month. The key will be keeping a positive focus and tapping into your creative side to solve problems. Remember that you are a powerful creator and all that you need is within your grasp!

Misery nourishes your ego – that’s why you see so many miserable people in the world. The basic, central point is the ego. – Osho

814:  Today we are again reminded to acknowledge our support systems. There is always that one person who is always there for us that we can always count on to have our back. It is the same with the angels and ascended masters who are also always here for us, and when we need support they are only a thought away. The angels would also like us to remember that support, like abundance, comes in many forms so look for the “Tiny Miracles”  and keep an open mind if help come comes from an unexpected source!

Archangel Zadkiel helps to heal our hearts and minds so that accepting support in all forms is easier. He also promotes compassion for ourselves and others while helping us to find things that we have lost, forgotten about or set aside.  Ego is not a friend of truth as it forcibly tells us that we don’t need help and can do everything by ourselves. The Ascended Master Sanat Kumara can help us  to overcome our own ego so that we are open to receiving the support and assistance that is offered and the Greek Goddess Hecate encourages us to “Remember that to move ahead you must release the past and the old things that keep us from moving on and how to accept change and transition.”

Our Sacred Stones for today are, Rose Quartz  brings positive and  loving energy, Chalcedony brings mind, body, spirit and emotions into harmony by calming fear, anger or self doubt. It also promotes good feeling towards self and others and Larimar which enhances our ability to go with the flow and can help us to accept help more easily.

Bright blessings for a magickal day!

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