The Natural Way: Cat’s Angel Message for January 16, 2019

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The Natural Way: Cat’s Angel Message for January 16, 2019 

January’s Theme: Stay focused on your desires and not your fears or past happenings. Our thoughts  are ready to manifest into reality and by staying focused on what’s positive we lessen the power of the things that we fear.

Miracles are the natural way of the Universe – our only job is to move our doubting minds aside and let the miracles flow. – Jonathan Lockwood Huie

116: Our thoughts shape and create our reality and the Universe is reminding us that we  have the power within us to manifest anything and everything that we need. By embracing hope and maintaining positive expectations we can achieve an abundance mindset that creates a positive flow of blessings. Remember that the angels can help us but we must be willing to do our part to make things happen. The key to this creation process lies in finding and maintaining balance  between our material and spiritual sides. Learning to appreciate and be grateful for what we have allows us to clearly see new blessings when they arrive. You are worthy of receiving the blessings the universe has to offer, add your magick to that and watch paths and doors open up!

Archangel Uriel provides spiritual understanding can help in all areas of our lives and helps us  to solve problems in a positive way.  The Ascended Master Buddha teaches us that happy living requires balance and moderation. Tipping the scales puts us out of whack. And, the Hindu goddess Kali helps us to clear away what we no longer need and replaces it with focus for new beginnings, and the courage and motivation we need to see things through. She tells us  “Do not allow yourself to become bogged down in what you perceive as lack. You are far wealthier than you realize and by getting out of your own way you will see the truth in this.”

Our Sacred Stone for today is Turquoise. This stone helps us with creative problem solving and promotes both balance and intuition. It is aligned with the Throat Chakra and  teaches us to speak up for ourselves and speak our truth. Which can be a valuable asset when working with gratitude and our ability to create.

Bright blessings for a magickal day!

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