Trust and Faith: Cat’s Angel Message for February 12, 2019 

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Trust and Faith: Cat’s Angel Message for February 12, 2019 

February’s Theme: Trusting in the “unseen” and believing in yourself puts you on the path to manifesting your dreams and goals.

Trust your own inner guidance. Have faith that your steps are carrying you toward your dreams. Keep your eyes on the heavens and believe that your feet will carry you well. – Jonathan Lockwood Huie

212: The inner critic. We all have one that seemingly pops up during the times when we are trying to better ourselves and brings out our fear of failure, lack of confidence and even negative self talk. These things can cause us to be pretty hard on ourselves if things don’t go our way or happen the way we want them to or happen fast enough. The fear of failure can also stop us from moving forward. We tell ourselves that “If I don’t try, I won’t fail” or “Maybe I should wait”. Today the angels are reminding us that there are no failures only temporary setbacks. If you try and it doesn’t work out then take an objective look at what you are trying to accomplish. Find what did work (even if it’s only one thing) then discard what didn’t. Start over using the one (or more) good thing as a starting point and go from there. Using positive self-speak like “I CAN. I WILL, I LOVE and I AM” will help keep your good vibes flowing. Remember that you are worthy of creating great things!

Archangel Raguel acts a motivational coach when we feel down on ourselves. Ask for help and he can help you realize your full potential. Ascended Master Kuthumi assists us in finding and maintaining the focus needed to succeed in our goals and helps us to navigate the distractions of everyday life. He encourages us to focus on what’s important right now and to set aside things we have no control over. And the Hindu goddess White Tara says “Come and sit beside me. I will help ease the worry in your heart and teach you how to replace it with gratitude and joy. This is where faith dwells and we must only open the doors and invite it forward.”

Our Sacred Stones for today include Smoky Quartz and Eulite. This powerful energy of Smoky Quartz  neutralizes negative energy as it helps us to work through the fear of failure. It also promotes clear insight and focus. While Eulite (Hypersthene)  helps us to find solutions to problems (large and small) that get in our way and can hold us back. It will also make seeing the answers and solutions easier by stopping the need to overthink or overly critical thinking.

Bright blessings for a magickal day!

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