Asking To Be Changed: Cat’s Angel Message for April 4, 2019 


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Asking To Be Changed: Cat’s Angel Message for April 4, 2019 

April Theme: We are being challenged to change ourselves. You have the power to make things happen and the Universe is on your side.

Prayer is not asking for what you think you want, but asking to be changed in ways you can’t imagine. – Kathleen Norris

44: Our Spiritual Helpers (Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and Deities ) surround us all the time even though we may not be aware of it. Their job is to protect, help and guide us when we need it. Our helpers will always do what’s best for us, but remember that we limit their influence when we give them specific instructions or place conditions on what kind of help we need. Asking for help and then letting them do their job opens the way to receiving all the blessings the Universe has in store for us including some we never even dreamed of!

Open the lines of communication and strike up a conversation with your Spiritual Helpers today, and simply ask for what you need right now. (protection, healing, assistance etc.) You can also call on the Archangels for help or for specific concerns: Ariel helps with all areas of environmental concerns and animals. Azrael helps the grieving and those who are transitioning. Chamuel helps in all areas of relationships. Gabriel helps artists and all issues of fertility. Haniel enhances our healing abilities Jeremiel helps us make positive life changes. Jophiel helps to work through ugly situations and promotes a new positive light on them Metatron helps issues involving children. Michael offers protection. Raguel empowers the underdog and helps resolve arguments. Raphael assists in all areas of healing. Raziel helps us to manifest what we need. Sandalphon delivers our prayers to the Divine and to specific angels or ascended masters. Uriel helps in all areas and life lessons

Our Sacred Stones for today include:  Aventurine which teaches us to give and receive gracefully. Both are necessary for healthy relationships with self and others and it allows the Universe to care for you. Tiger’s Eye helps us to accomplish our goals by showing us how to recognize and access our inner resources and the promotion of clear intentions, and Kunzite which can help us to create a balanced partnership with the Universe as it opens your heart to receiving Divine love.

Bright blessings for a magickal day!

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