Filled With Love: Cat’s Angel Message for January 31, 2018  

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Filled With Love: Cat’s Angel Message for January 31, 2018  

January’s Theme: Focus on dreams and goals not your fears or past happenings. Thoughts manifest into reality and through positive focus we lessen the power of the things we fear.

I dream this day of wondrous things, of peace and hope and pride. I dance my dance with life today, I’m filled with love inside.

Jonathan Lockwood Huie

131: Love and peace. Sounds like a 60’s revival doesn’t it? These words are just as important today as they were then and every living soul is touched by them. Don’t lose sight of the things that really matter and keep spreading love and peace. Today the universe is asking us to end the month with a shift of thought. By lifting ourselves to a higher level of love and peace we are able to see things more clearly as we become more energetically empowered. Our power is enhanced by today’s Full ‘Blue” Moon (the 2nd full moon this month). Remember, what you send out comes back so this is a great day to share this loving and peaceful energy or by simply offering a prayer for a friend or loved one who needs it, for the world, the earth or even for yourself!

Archangel Chamuel and Ascended Master Buddha helps everyone who desires world peace. if you are concerned about world events (and who isn’t??) the Chinese god Kuan Ti helps to prevent acts of war and protects people from lower energies. We can also continue to work with the Sacred Feminine Spirit, Gaia (or your personal patron goddess). With today being the full moon it’s a great time to honor her. Our Sacred Stones for today are:

Kunzite helps us to connect to divine and universal love.

Moonstone is a highly spiritual stone that helps us to connect to the moon energy.

Rose Quartz promotes peace on all levels and helps us to send it out to others.

Bright blessings for a magickal day!


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