Uncommon Vision: Cat’s Angel Number for March 28, 2017

Uncommon Vision: Cat’s Angel Number for March 28, 2017
March Theme:  Receiving help from the Ascended Masters. The Ascended Masters were great healers, prophets, and teachers who walked the earth at one time. They are descended from ancient and modern cultures and civilizations and represent many different religions. (Buddha, Mother Mary, Jesus, El Morya, saints, gods/goddesses, devas and bodhisattvas etc.)

The invariable mark of wisdom is to
see the miraculous in the common.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson
 Good Morning  Beautiful Light Beings, 
328:  Prosperity and abundance comes in many forms and is more than just money. It is ultimately up to us to recognize and acknowledge the blessings within our lives.  Too often people focus on  money or material things instead of seeing the whole picture. Today the Ascended Masters are reminding us that we live in the flow of Divine abundance. It surrounds everything we do and it’s important to to be aware of our prosperity on all levels.  The old adage of “counting your blessings” is key for today.  Acknowledge your  personal prosperity and abundance and embrace the richness of your life!
Angels of Abundance include Raziel  who helps to manifest prosperity and abundance, Barakiel who brings good fortune and helps us to open our hearts to receive. Gamaliel who brings gifts, blessings and abundance and Pathiel who helps to open the gates of positive manifestation. Other helpers for today are Damara who assists us in household abundance and the manifestation that helps meet our needs and Lakshmi who teaches us that all the riches worth having already reside within us. Our crystal today is Larimar to help free you from addiction to the material world,
     Blessings for a magickal day!
What are Angel Numbers?
Your guardian angels are with you everyday helping you along life’s path. Along the way they show you signs, sometimes it’s a physical object like a feather, stone or some unusual object dropped in your path. Other times they will show  you a number sequence, over and over. It could be numbers on a clock, sales slip or license plate. When this happens your angels are trying to give you a message!
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