True Fulfillment: Cat’s Angel Number for March 29, 2017


True Fulfillment: Cat’s Angel Number for March 29, 2017
March Theme:  Receiving help from the Ascended Masters. The Ascended Masters were great healers, prophets, and teachers who walked the earth at one time. They are descended from ancient and modern cultures and civilizations and represent many different religions. (Buddha, Mother Mary, Jesus, El Morya, saints, gods/goddesses, devas and bodhisattvas etc.)
Only those who have learned the power
of sincere and selfless contribution
experience life’s deepest joy: true fulfillment.
– Tony Robbins
 Good Morning  Beautiful Light Beings, 
 329:  Today’s number revolves around what the new age community calls a “life mission”. Your life mission is essentially an area where you feel compelled to serve. While some do big things in a big way most of us do small things in small ways that make a difference to the people around us. it’s really not how much you do but what you do that matters. Simply by helping one person you are making a difference, it creates a chain reaction as people pass it on. Life missions vary just like paths do so never let someone else tell you your mission (or path is wrong). You know what you need to do, if it feels right go for it! If you need Divine clarification ask for it and be open to receiving an answer.

 Call upon your favorite angel, guardian angel or ascended master today. Ask them to help you shed light on your life mission, and pay attention to the information that you receive. Use Angelite and Celestite can aid angelic communication or Moldavite to connect with the ascended masters.
Your guardian angels are with you everyday helping you along life’s path. Along the way they show you signs, sometimes it’s a physical object like a feather, stone or some unusual object dropped in your path. Other times they will show  you a number sequence, over and over. It could be numbers on a clock, sales slip or license plate. When this happens your angels are trying to give you a message!
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Daily readings are written by Cat. Angel graphic is created and (C)LBolotin 2016-17.

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