Uplifting Company: Cat’s Angel Number for April 3, 2017

Uplifting Company: Cat’s Angel Number for April 3, 2017
  April Theme:  This month’s theme is about love and security. The angels are here to help and want us to know that we are safe and that our needs are being met.

The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you,
whose presence calls forth your best.
– Epictetus
 Good Morning  Beautiful Light Beings, 


43:  Everyone needs a loving support system, this consists of friends and family. However we also have help in the Divine realms in the form of the angels and the ascended masters. By sharing our hopes, dreams, fears or even grief the wheels turn and our support system is set in motion. This in turn helps us to do our part here in the physical realm. By working together we elevate our success and healing rate. We then find that we  are able to work the small miracles that enrich our lives as well as appreciating the tiny miracles that bring peace and joy on a daily level.

Call upon your favorite angel, goddess or even the Divine source today. If you are grieving Archangel Azrael can assist you, Archangel Michael helps us to find solutions to all problems that we experience, Buddha and Ganesh helps us to find peace and Archangel Jeremiel assists in life changes. Use your angel crystals today, Angelite, Celestite, Apophyllite, Seraphinite or moldavite to assist in divine communication.
     Blessings for a magickal day!
What are Angel Numbers?
Your guardian angels are with you everyday helping you along life’s path. Along the way they show you signs, sometimes it’s a physical object like a feather, stone or some unusual object dropped in your path. Other times they will show  you a number sequence, over and over. It could be numbers on a clock, sales slip or license plate. When this happens your angels are trying to give you a message!
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Daily readings are written by Cat. Angel graphic is created and (C)LBolotin 2016-17.

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