The Winds of Grace: Cat’s Angel Number for May 18, 2017

angels 2017 sm

The Winds of Grace: Cat’s Angel Number for May 18, 2017 

May’s Theme:  Change – Growth – Embrace New Adventures

The winds of grace are always blowing; all we need to do is raise our sails. ~ Anonymous

518: This month we have been busy making changes and cultivating new growth and yesterday the angels let us know that the work is beginning to pay off. Part of our success lies in our ability to receive. Some people overextend the giving process but have trouble with receiving the blessings, assistance and abundance when it come around. Giving and receiving needs to balanced and sometimes you just need to tell yourself that it’s okay to receive. Allow yourself to gracefully  receive the good things that come your way. You are an amazing creator and you are worthy of all the blessing of the Universe. Remember,  abundance comes in many forms so make sure that you don’t limit yourself to just one form. Accept them all and the doors open to new  things and experiences.

Today’s helpers are: The angel Barakiel who helps us to open our hearts to receive with grace. Buddha assists us in finding balance between giving and receiving. Dana helps us to feel the abundance around us and shows us that we are worthy to receive it. Ganesh removes all obstacles from our path including the ones that create for ourselves and Archangel Raziel who helps us manifest the things we need to create a better life.

Our sacred stones for today include Sunstone to encourage the flow of abundance, Zincite not only helps us to manifest, it also reenergizes our energy when it becomes depleted by giving away too much of ourselves to others. If you are taking too much from others Topaz helps promote generosity and supports our manifestation process.

Blessings for a magickal day!


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