Thought for the Day: May 19, 2017

TGIF Ya’ll! We are on the verge of successfully making it through another week so give yourself a BIG hug! You deserve it! So………….. here’s a question for you………. What truly matters in your life? I bet it’s not the latest techno gadget or social media drama. The things that matter, really matter are different for everyone. For me it’s spending quality time with my husband and my mom. It’s the quality me time that’s necessary for my personal well being, there are other things but you probably get the idea. When we focus on the things that matter to us our stress levels go down, we feel at peace and our hearts and spirits sing. Take a deep breath………….. just breathe, ground and center. Let the weekday “things” fall away. This is your time, time to focus on what truly matters…..


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