A Cosmic Invitation: Cat’s Angel Message for June 4, 2017

angels 2017 sm

A Cosmic Invitation: Cat’s Angel Message for June 4, 2017 

June Theme: Balance – Focus – Faith

Expressing gratitude seems like a cosmic invitation for all kinds of thankfulness and appreciation to pour in.  ~ Mary Anne Radmacher

64: We are turning our focus to the material realm. There are certain material items that we need to live, food, clothing, shelter and other basic necessities.  Today we being assisted by both the angelic realm and the realm of earth angels. They are reassuring us that all of our needs are being met and will continue to be met in the future. However, the angels cannot do it all for us so we must do our part as well by adding our own energy and focus. This will help to open new doors that will increase our flow of abundance. Express your gratitude to the Angels, the Divine and the Universe and welcome the blessings that are waiting for you!

Allow the attitude of gratitude to lead you today and call on your favorite Angel or Creator Spirit. Boost communications with Angelite and Celestite or Zincite to promote the flow of abundance on both physical and spiritual levels.


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