Cat’s Bits for June 4 -10 Violet Lore


Cat’s Bits for June 4 -10  Violet Lore


June Events:

June 9: Full Moon at 9:10 am EST

June 10: Celtic Tree Month of Oak begins

Flag day: June 14

June 18: Father’s Day

June 21; Summer Solstice and Sun enters Cancer at 12:24 am EST

June 23: New Moon at 10:31 pm EST


The Violet

Down in a green and shady bed,
A modest violet grew;
Its stalk was bent, it hung its head
As if to hide from view.
And yet it was a lovely flower,
Its colour bright and fair;
It might have graced a rosy bower,
Instead of hiding there.

Yet thus it was content to bloom,
In modest tints arrayed;
And there diffused a sweet perfume,
Within the silent shade.

Then let me to the valley go
This pretty flower to see;
That I may also learn to grow
In sweet humility.

Jane Taylor (1783- 1824


The tiny violet is a common flower, it’s small purple face dotting shady places from forests to gardens. The ancient Greeks began cultivating violets around 500 BC. There are between 400-500  species and the plant comes in a variety of colors, purple, blue, white, yellow and even gray. It has 5 petals, 2 at the top, 1 on each side and one on the bottom which is striped. The leaves are heart shaped, which may have led to the conclusion that it was a flower of love. Some violets can have a 2 year lifespan and all violets bloom for about 3 months. They like shaded areas, often moist but not always,  and where they grow wild they grow in profusion.

In some locations the violet is considered a weed  due to their aggressive growth patterns. In fact I remember at my parents condo how the ground under their back deck was loaded with wild violets, they even popped up in their lawn and occasionally in the flower beds. However every time I tried to transplant them they withered and died. Colorado is notoriously hard on shade loving plants.

Both Greeks and Romans used these plants for their herbal properties, wine and a natural sweetener. Today they are used (sparingly) as decorations in jellies and other food items. Violets are a laxative and are not for consumption in large quantities. However if you are interested in the healing properties of this plant you can visit:


In Greek myth this small flower was a tribute to Io, one of Zeus’s lovers. Violets are also associated with the story of Attis. While out hunting he was killed and where his blood touched the earth violets grew.

Violets are also part of the great love story of Napoleon and Josephine. Evidently, the violet was Napoleon’s favorite flower and on the day that he and Josephine were married he gave her a bouquet of violets and continued to do on each wedding anniversary. When Josephine died the grieving husband placed a violet from the grave site and placed it in a locket, it is said that Napoleon wore that locket until his own death.


Magic: Protection, love / lust, wish granting, healing

Deities: Venus, Aphrodite, Astarte, Blodeuwedd

Names: Common violet, hooded violet, blue violet, sweet violet

Element: Water

To the Greeks, violets were a symbol of both fertility and love and they used the flowers to create love potions and wore them to induce sleep and calm the temper. In Rome, violets were worn because they were said to keep one from getting drunk.

In Christian symbolism the violet became known a symbol of modesty as well as humility and according Richard Webster, the term shrinking violet comes from this association.

Another folk spell says that if you wear a crown of violets that it will ward against headaches and light headedness. Or to heal wounds and stop evil spirits form making the wound worse you should wear a green sachet filled with violet leaves. but if you wear  a necklace of violets you will hear only the truth.

To dream of violets is said to be a sign that an important area of your life is about to move forward, thing will improve and the hard work you have done is about to pay off. Another meaning is that you will marry someone younger than you.

As a magical name Violet (which means purple)would be good for a person wanting to increase their spiritual development or as a power name to increase self confidence.

Bright Blessings for a Magickal Week!


Laura (Cat) Bolotin has been following an eclectic pagan/spiritual path for over 25 years. She currently lives in Western Colorado where she enjoys communing with nature, desert crawling, belly dancing, nature photography, jewelry crafting and writing stuff she hopes will help others along their path. She is married and owned by 5 cats.

Sources: Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs, Scott Cunningham

Flower and Tree magic, Richard Webster


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