The Beauty of Dreams: Cat’s Angel Message for June 5, 2017

angels 2017 sm

The Beauty of Dreams: Cat’s Angel Message for June 5, 2017 

June Theme: Balance – Focus – Faith

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

65: Remember the changes that we worked on initiating last month? Well, the Angels are reminding us to give those “seeds of change” a little love and nourishment today. These seeds are very much like the physical seed you plant in your outdoor garden. You have to care for them if they are to grow and produce results.  Start looking for the signs that you “seeds have taken root” as you may start seeing  good things beginning to take effect, many of these will relate to material issues.. Maybe a new job, a move or an opportunity that you won’t want to pass up.  Changes can be a little scary at first. However if we view them as an adventure we will find new grow popping all over!

Our helpers today are Archangel Jeremiel who helps us work through life changes. He shows us that the changes we make are in our best interest and how to meet them with excitement. Brigit helps all who call to her, however her main concern is helping women by providing direction and courage. Cordelia  shows us how to meet change with joy and Lu-Hsing who assists with all job related areas. The Sacred Stones for today are Chrysoprase which promotes hope and  openness to new situations through personal insight.  We can also use Cerussite to keep us grounded, stimulate new growth while teaching us to be flexible and how to adapt to the changes we have made.


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Daily readings are written by Cat. Angel graphic is created and (C)LBolotin 2016-17.

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