July’s Full “Buck” Moon in Capricorn


July’s Full “Buck” Moon in Capricorn

July 8 or 9, 2017 (depending on your time zone.) 12:07 am EST

The Farmer’s Almanac calls this moon the Buck Moon because this is the time when bucks grow new antlers. Other names for this full moon are Thunder Moon, Summer Moon (colonial ), Hungry Ghost Moon (china), Ripe Corn Moon (cherokee), Crane Moon (choctaw), Moon of Claiming (celtic), Mead Moon (Medieval English), Rose Moon, Blessing Moon (pagan).

This month’s full moon is in Capricorn. If you have projects you need to start or finish this moon will help you engage and get things moving. It’s all about progress through conscious effort and providing the focus necessary to navigate through difficult situations.

The Buck Moon is a good time for divination, dreamwork and prosperity magick. The laid back energy of this moon also works well for meditation, so kick back and enjoy the feeling of the things you have accomplished this far. Add a little something extra to your magickal workings by using July’s herbs hyssop, lemon balm, mugwort, catnip or leaves from ash or oak trees.

You can also celebrate this months moon by wearing the colors blue-gray, silver or green and adorning yourself with moonstone, pearls, opals or a simple white agate.

Full moon blessings!


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