Full Beaver Moon on Nov. 30 2020

November’s Beaver Moon: Keywords: Let Go, Contemplate, Growth

November’s Full Moon
Beaver Moon

November 30 at 1:29 am PST/ 2:29 am MST/ 4:29 am EST

“November comes
And November goes,
With the last red berries
And the first white snows.

With night coming early,
And dawn coming late,
And ice in the bucket
And frost by the gate.

The fires burn
And the kettles sing,
And earth sinks to rest
Until next spring.”

Author: Elizabeth Coatsworth (May 31, 1893 – August 31, 1986) or Clyde Watson

After Samhain we enter the dark period where the seasons seem to slow down. It was during this time that the ancient people readied themselves for the coming winter. The last harvest was over and they prepared their final provisions and made their homes as winter-proof as possible.

. The Farmers Almanac says this was the last time to set beaver traps before the ponds froze over, however, the beavers themselves were making ready for the winter just as the people were!) Other names for this months moon are: Mourning Moon. White Moon (China), Trading Moon (Cherokee), Sassafras Moon (Choctaw), Moon When Horns Are Broken Off (Dakota), Dark Moon (Celtic), Snow Moon (Medieval English), Tree Moon (Neo-Pagan), Fog Moon, Frosty Moon, Full Frost Moon, Hunter’s Moon.

November’s moon also honors dark goddesses like Kali, Hecate, and Bast. Use purple candles for your Full Moon observance and burn Full Moon Incense of anise, lavender and rosemary or single blends of patchouli or mugwort. This is also a good time to cleanse and charge your moonstones, just place them on a windowsill during the night of the full moon.

It is also a time of mourning as we join the Goddess in remembering her love who has gone on to the Otherworld. But is also a time when we must also remember that all periods of mourning DO come to an end. The Crone is now the womb and will become the Mother in about six weeks time. While the “outer growth” is slowing down, we find it a good time to work on inner growth. While the Earth Mother rests it is a good time for tying up the loose ends in our lives. Let go of what no longer serves us and say farewell to bad relationships and habits. It is also a time of contemplation when we can strengthen our personal connection to the Divine Source.

To celebrate this full moon try wearing colors in grays or blues and adorn yourself with lapis, turquoise, moonstone or topaz.

Interested in the astrology associated with this months moon? Visit Astrology King at the link below.

The Gemini Full Moon on Monday, November 30, 2020, is a lunar eclipse. The spiritual meaning of the full moon November 2020 astrology relates to change and uncertainty in love relationships and also with money. The November 202 lunar eclipse activates not only the polarity of Sun opposite Moon but also Venus opposite Uranus.


Full Moon Blessings! ~Cat

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The Celtic Tree Month of Elder (Ruis)

Elder Blossoms by Michael & Christa Richert/freeimages.com

The Celtic Tree Month of Elder (Ruis)
November 25 – December 22nd

The theme for this month is death, rebirth and the return of light. This month begins with the dark time of the year and ends with the birth of the sun at the Winter Solstice. Other names for this tree are Frau Holle (German), Eldrum, Ellhorn, Boure Tree, Lady Ellhorn. The word Elder comes from the anglo-saxon word “aeld” meaning fire. Evidently the young branches have hollow stems which make them useful in making a fire.


The elder tree is both a tree and a shrub and are members of the honeysuckle family. The shrub grows to about 30 ft. while the tree grows to around 50 ft. Both varieties like damp places along the woods edge. Elder has incredible regenerative power and can quickly regrow branches and roots. The tree has beautiful white flowers in the spring, growing in formations that resemble a bridal wreath. The flowers become reddish-black berries and make the most wonderful jellies, jams and syrups. The branches of the elder tree have a strong resemblance to bones when peeled of their bark. In the middle of the branches is a spongy center that looks similar to marrow. An unsuspecting person might actually believe the bare branches to be human bones!

Elderberries by John Nyberg/freeimages.com


Elder is also a medicinal plant, the berries and flowers have many uses. However, it’s good to point out that the on the whole elder is considered poisonous. The dried berries and flowers make wonderful tea which is high in vitamins A, C, iron, Calcium and Potassium. This makes it beneficial for colds and sore throats. A distilled version of the flowers is good for treating cuts, burns and scrapes. Please keep in mind that if you pick elder berries make darn sure that they are ripe. Unripe elder berries cause severe diarrhea.

The Tree by Bill Davenport freeimages.com


The Elder has long been associated with Witches but it appears in Christian myths as the tree of doom. Judas was said to have hung himself from one and the cross of Jesus was made of Elder wood.

The Celts believed that these trees were homes to the Sidhe and treated them with respect, when cut the tree produces a reddish sap that made people believe that the spirit within the tree had been hurt. It is considered very bad luck to harm one but if you must cut or prune an elder tree one should always ask permission first. It is also bad luck to make a cradle for a baby out of elder, this is because of the trees association with death. Planting an elder tree near your home will create good relations with the fae as well as bringing prosperity to the home and it’s inhabitants. Even today there remain some taboos against burning the wood. Placing elder wood on your windowsill will keep vampires away, you can also wear it to the same effect. The folk lore about vampires is said to be much older than the the use of garlic.

Use elder for spells of banishing, faery magic, healing, protection and prosperity. Elder wood is also good for making magical tools, but remember to ask first!

As a magical name Elder is good for the person who is serious about magic. It also invokes mystery, luck and a sturdiness of character.


People born in the Month of Elder can be wonderful healers and seers as well as gifted musicians. They are slow to mature and waste time and energy on things not worth while. They can be very curious about profound subjects and study these things intensely. As healers or seers, elder people must choose their words carefully as they can be very persuasive with their speech. They must be careful not to sway the thinking of others and let them make their own decisions.


Deities: The White Goddess, Danu, Cailleach, Boann, Hel, Frey, Vulcan, Venus

Animals: All white animals, raven, pheasant

Sacred Stones: Red Jasper, jet, bloodstone

Compiled and written by Cat from the following sources:
the crystal forest
The New Book of Magical Names, Phoenix McFarland
Cunninghams Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs, Scott Cunningham
Flower and Tree Magic, Richard Webster

Welcome to November!

Cottonwood by Cat 2020

Welcome to November!

November Events

Nov 1 All Saints Day

Nov 1 Daylight Savings Ends 2 am (Fall back 1 hr)

Nov 3 Election Day (USA)

Nov 8 Moon 3rd Qtr 7:56am PST/ 6:46 am MST/ 8:46 am EST

Nov 11 Veterans Day

Nov 14/15 New Moon at 9:07 pm PST/ 10:07 pm MST/ 12:07 am EST

Nov 14 Hindu Festival of Diwali

Nov 25 Celtic Month of Elder begins

Nov 26 Thanksgiving Day (USA)

Nov 30 Full Moon 1:29 am PST/ 2:29 am MST/ 4:29 am EST

Over the river and through the woods
Trot fast my dapple gray.
Spring over the ground
Like a hunting hound
On this Thanksgiving Day, Hey!
Over the river and through the woods
Now Grandmother’s face I spy.
Hurrah for the fun,
Is the pudding done?
Hurrah for the pumpkin pie.”

English folksong, It’s Raining, It’s Pouring


November Correspondences

Nature Spirits: Subterranean Faeries
Herbs: Grains of Paradise; Verbena; Betony; Borage; Cinquefoil& Blessed Thistle
Colours: Grey & Sea-Green
Flowers: Blooming Cacti & Chrysanthemum
Scents: Cedar; Cherry Blossoms; Hyacinth; Narcissus; Peppermint& Lemon
Stones: Topaz & Lapis Lazuli
Trees: Alder & Cypress
Animals: Unicorn; Scorpion; Crocodile & Jackal
Birds: Owl Goose & Sparrow
Deities: Kali; Black Isis; Nicnevin; Hecate; Bast; Osiris;Sarasvati; Lakshmi; Skadi & Mawu
Power Flow: Transformation; Strengthen communication with yourdeity



November is the 11th month of the year in the Julian and Gregorian Calendars and one of four months with the length of 30 days. November retained its name (from the Latin novem meaning “nine”) when January and February were added to the Roman calendar.

November is a month of spring in the Southern Hemisphere and autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. Therefore November in the Southern Hemisphere is the seasonal equivalent of May in the Northern Hemisphere and vice versa.





November Birthstone : Citrine

Birthstone Color: Yellow Gold

November’s gemstone, Citrine, is as warm as a Van Gogh painting of sunflowers. The name Citrine comes from an old French word, “citrin”, meaning lemon. One of the more rare forms of quartz, this gemstone ranges in color from the palest yellow to a dark amber named Madeira because of its resemblance to the red wine.


The Official Birth Flowers for November
November isn’t simply the month between Halloween and Christmas. It’s a lot more than that, especially for the November birthday celebrants. You can make their days extra special by giving them the official birth flower for November – Chrysanthemums and Peonies. Read through our quick guide below to know more about these eye-catching blooms.

Read more……


EarthSky News: November Astronomy:

See all 5 bright planets in November!

See all five bright planets in November 2020. Three of them – Mars, Jupiter and Saturn – pop out first thing at dusk and nightfall. The other two – Mercury and Venus – are found in the early morning sky (near the star Spica in the constellation Virgo).


Around now, watch for Taurid fireballs

Now is the time to watch out for a fireball or two from the long-lasting South or North Taurid meteor showers. Various sources give wildly different dates for the peak of South Taurids (active from late September to late November), and the night of November 4-5, 2020, is one of those predicted times


November’s Star Signs

Scorpio: October 24- November 22

Scorpio is an astrological sign, associated with the constellation Scorpius. Under the tropical zodiac, Scorpio is typically occupied by the Sun from October 24 to November 22, and under the sidereal zodiac, it is currently from November 16 through December 15. The opposite sign to Scorpio is Taurus.

In mythology Scorpio is often associated with Orpheus, from the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. Scorpio is also associated with the Greco-Roman gods Ares/Mars. The constellation is also associated with the scorpion that killed Orion.

The following items are traditionally associated with Scorpio:

Birthstone = Topaz
Colours = Deep Red, Black
Gemstone = Opal
Metal = Iron, Steel
Animal = Eagle, Wolf, Scorpion, Panda, Dog, Phoenix
Body Part = Genitalia
Flowers = Dark red flowers such as geraniums
Trees = Thorn-bearing varieties
Foods = Anything with strong flavors

article courtesy of Wikipedia.com
All text is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License

Sagittarius: November 22 to December 21

Sagittarius is an astrological sign, which is associated with the constellation Sagittarius. Under the tropical zodiac, Sagittarius is occupied by the Sun from November 22 to December 21, and under the sidereal zodiac, it is currently from December 16 to January 14. The opposite sign to Sagittarius is Gemini. Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the Zodiac. *This sign is symbolized by the archer, it is ruled by Jupiter and is a fire sign.
The corresponding month in the Babylonian calendar is Arax Kislimu, dedicated to Nergal.


In mythology Sagittarius is often associated with the mythological figure of Chiron, a centaur who taught and tutored various heroes in Greek myth. In Greek mythology, centaurs were adventurous, brave, and wise, but they were also given to brawling and uncivilized behavior. Sagittarius is also associated with the Greco-Roman god Zeus/Jupiter and sometimes the goddess Tyche/Fortuna, as well as the Norse god Thor..

These items are associated with Sagittarius:

Birthstone – Blue Topaz, Turquoise
Colours – Blue, Purple, White
Gemstone – Lapis Lazuli
Metal – Aluminum, Tin, Silver
Animals – Horse, human
Jobs – Law, Medicine, Publishing, Education

article courtesy of Wikipedia.com
All text is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.


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October’s Full Blue Moon on Oct 31st & Samhain Blessings!

Full Blue Moon at 7:49 am PST/ 8:49 am MST/ 10:49 am EST

Saturday Oct. 31, 2020

There is a lot going on with this months Blue Moon in Taurus. First of all it occurs on Samhain which makes it a rarity. The last full moon on Samhain was way back in 1955.As a whole the energies of a Blue Moon are the same as a Full Moon, only amplified. So using caution during your magickal workings wouldn’t be amiss. There are a few things to be aware of however..

This moon will be sitting Taurus which makes it a good time to finish projects and tie us loose ends. It also invites you to indulge in loving self care. Look for new ideas and creative solutions to current issues. On an astrological level we have Taurus almost conjunct with Uranus which can be very disruptive particularly in regards to current worlds events. This volatile mix fuels rebellion and impulsiveness, so try to be flexible and open minded for the best, optimistic results. We also have Mercury in retrograde through November 3 which will keep things interesting. Do your best to stay balanced and focused. Pay attention and really listen before making decisions that will affect your current situation. Last but not least this full moon falls on Samhain so conjure carefully and strive for peace and love!

A Few Blue Moon Correspondences:

Traditionally the goddesses for the Blue Moon include Artemis, Astarte, Diana, Hathor Isis, Luna and Selene. However since it is also Samhain it’s a good time to honor the following deities: Aradia, Cernunnos, Dionysus Hecate, The Morrigan, Persephone, and the Goddess as Crone.

Crystals for the Blue Moon

Crystals for Samhain include Ametrine, Botswana Agate, Calcite, Carnelian, Citrine, Danburite, Hematite,Lapis Lazuli, Red Jasper, Obsidian, Opal, Rhodonite, and Sunstone,

Not sure what the phrase Blue Moon is all about? Read about it here….

Blue Moon: Folklore and Definition (learnreligions.com)

How many times have you heard the phrase “once in a blue moon”? Well, it’s more than just an expression – a blue moon is the name given to an actual phenomenon. Here’s how it works. Read more……

Bright Blessings for a safe and happy Sabbat! ~Cat

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Celtic Tree Month of Reed “Ngetal” October 28-November 24

Wetlands at sunset/Lisa Lagell freeimages.com

Celtic Tree Month of Reed “Ngetal”
October 28-November 24

The month of Reed represents the mysteries of death and the hidden roots to all life it is sometimes called the “tree of doom” although it’s by no means a tree! But most of all it is the symbol for Samhain which is the beginning of the Celtic New Year.


Reed is a marsh growing plant and while it is not considered a tree, it was named as such by the druids. This was due to the fact that like a tree, reed has a deep, dense root system. While reeds are found all over the world. From the humble reed the Druids made sacred darts and arrows. Pens were also crafted from reeds and were a sacred symbol of wisdom and scholarship. The reed can reach 12 ft. in height in marshy areas and usually in thick stands. The dried stalks produce a dry rattle that can have an eerie sound. The roots and seeds can be ground into flour. The the Celts and later people of the British isles, also used this plant to thatch their roofs. A well thatched roof kept all kinds of weather out and depending upon the kind of reed you used a reed roof could last for 15 to 75 yrs. And in many places woven reeds make beautiful baskets. Reeds were also a cheap substitute for candles, if you soaked them in fat they could be burned.

“There is nothing in the world more beautiful than the forest clothed to its very hollows in snow. It is the still ecstasy of nature, wherein every spray, every blade of grass, every spire of reed, every intricacy of twig, is clad with radiance.”
~ William Sharp


In mythology reed is connected with Pwyll the ruler of the Underworld. Pywll was given a sacred stone for safekeeping. This Stone was said to represent the divine power of The King and Queen and thus this humble plant was associated with royalty. Ancient Mediterranean people also associated reed with royalty as did the Egyptians. They made scepters from reeds and if the scepter broke it was thought that the King had lost both virility and vitality.


In magic Reed has the following uses: Growth, Healing, Harmony, Willpower, Loyalty. Reed is said to be useful when one is ready to expand their awareness both spiritually and mentally as well as balancing your energy. And as a herb for Samhain it can be used in spells for travel to the otherworld and for Shamanistic soul retrieval.

Reed, although not a tree but a grass-like plant, is usually associated with Samhain, the Celtic New Year.

The Reed Moon means winter is approaching. It is a month of turning our energies toward hearth and home. It symbolizes family, fidelity and trust.

Reeds are burned to honor household spirits and a family’s patron deity; and in ancient Scotland, a broken reed was an omen of familial betrayal

Reeds may be placed through your home, especially the kitchen area, to bring the blessing of unity to your family.

Reed represents the turning within that we must undergo to nurture our souls hunger for spirituality.

The reed’s qualities include protection, spiritual progress and hunger for truth

“Man is only a reed, the weakest thing in nature, but he is a thinking reed.” ~Blaise Pascal


People born during the month of Reed can be cocky, arrogant and uncompromising which gives them a forceful energy. Reed people are not competitors but rather the catalyst that makes things happen because they have great dramatic flair and plenty of passion. This dramatic flair helps them to role play well and you will rarely see a Reed person show weakness although on the downside they can take great pleasure in pointing out weakness in others. However they are fantastic caretakers of both property and family and make strong friends. They are half of a dual sign in which the other half is made up of Ivy (which is the next Celtic Month). As a magickal name Reed is wonderful for caregivers or if you wish to give your personal energy a boost.


Names: Sedge, Sweet Flag,
Animals: Kingfisher, Wild Goose, Owl
Element: Air, Earth and Water
Deities: Pywll, Rhiannon, Morrigan, Poseidon, Coventina, Manannan Mac Lir, Arawen, Pluto
Sacred Stone: Jasper, Chysophrase, Aquamarine
Color: Light Green

Written by CatSister/LBolotin 2010 from the following resources:
The New Book of Magickal names by Phoenix McFarland
Flower and Tree Magic by Richard Webster

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Thought For The Day: Oct. 22, 2020 “What Matters Most”

Happy Thursday,

A spiritual journey is unique to the individual. There may be similarities and we may even walk the same path together for a time. Eventually our path branches out and we find ourselves walking alone or even with someone new. Remember, that you do not need to be religious to be spiritual and that embracing your spiritual nature is part of self care. The voice that matters most on your journey is yours. If it ignites yours spark, brings you peace or simply makes you feel good then you are headed in the right direction!

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Thought For The Day: Oct 21, 2020 “The Way It Works”

Happy Tuesday,

In order to reach our dreams and goals we have to make sacrifices. Some are small and easy to make but others….. well, not so much. The point is that in order to create the life we want we must be be willing to make sacrifices to make it happen. Take a look at the things you have accomplished and you will see that you did indeed let some things go to move forward.. Maybe it didn’t happen right away but a little way down the road you sacrificed something in payment. Just something to think about…..

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Cat’s Morning Bits for October 9, 2020

Cat’s Morning Bits for October 9, 2020

Good Morning Beautiful Souls, grab a cup of your favorite morning brew and start things off with “Today’s Inspirations”. I hope you find something here that will make you feel good or help you on your path today.

Blessings, Cat


In the dreamy silence
Of the afternoon, a
Cloth of gold is woven
Over wood and prairie.
-Alexander Posey (1873-1908)


October Events:

Oct 1: Full Blood Moon at 2:05 pm PST/ 3:05 pm MST/ 5:05 pm EST

Oct 9: Moon 3rd Qtr 5:39 pm PST/ /6:39 pm MST/ 8:39 pm EST

Oct 12: Indigenous Peoples Day

Oct 16: Super New Moon at 12:31 pm PST/ 1:31 pm MST/ 3:31 pm EST

Oct 23: Moon 1st Qtr. 6:22 am PST/ 7:22 am MST/ 9:22 am EST

Oct 28 Celtic Tree Month of Reed begins

Oct 31 Samhain / Halloween


Spirit Library: Align With Your Light (a message from Kate Spreckley)

The light of creation is born out of the spark of love which lies embodied in each and every human being. Its source is the Great Mystery from where power, awareness and creativity stem

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Molly Roberts: Samhain Art Magick Ideas!



Our life is made up of numbers. The most important numbers we will ever know are our birth date numbers.



ThoughtCo: The Magic, History, and Folklore of Sandalwood

Although not truly an herb, but a wood, sandalwood is an item found often in modern Pagan rituals. In fact, “sandalwood” is an entire class of wood, found in trees that are part of the flowering Santalum family.

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MBG: 11 Things Your Spider Dreams Could Be Telling You, According To A Dream Expert

Our personal dreamworlds are a mysterious place only we have access to—but there do seem to be some common dream themes lots of us experience. Dreams about snakes or teeth falling out are commonly reported, as are spider dreams.

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Daily Good: Meeting Our Pain With Compassion

Having compassion starts and ends with having compassion for all those unwanted parts of ourselves. The healing comes from letting there be room for all of this to happen: room for grief, for relief, for misery, for joy.

Pema Chodron –

Meeting Our Pain With Compassion

“I’d like to explore the essential place of compassion in our lives in a very simple way. As human beings we have a conscious awareness that is open to what is. Our very nature is openness. On a feeling level this openness shows up as sensitivity, tenderness, rawness, as an exquisite receptivity and responsiveness. As a consequence of this delicacy, we are also easily hurt. Its like the softness of our skin–which is easily bruised, yet allows us to experience a wide range of subtle textures and temperatures.” John Welwood shares more in this short essay on self compassion. { read more }

Be The Change

This week try meeting your pain with compassion. Notice if something shifts when you make room for what is– to simply be


Scrying Techniques & Divination ~ The White Witch Parlour


Elephant Journal: Untame the Wild Within you (with These little Pieces of Earth).

I am a second generation forest.
Maybe a third or fifth generation wood at best. I did not grow up in a family or culture that planted my feet deep into the wisdom network of undisturbed mycelium.

I was not placed within a matrix of thought or ritual that gave daily blessings for the rising sun or the sweet, nourishing rain.

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Treehugger: 10 Striking Facts About Scorpions
These ancient arachnids are as fascinating as they are frightening.

It’s sensible to be afraid of scorpions. Their most distinctive features are pincer-like pedipalps and a stinging tail, which some species can swing toward their target at 50 inches (130 centimeters) per second.

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EarthSky News: Watch for 2020’s Draconid meteor shower

Draco the Dragon is now spitting out meteors, also known as shooting stars. This is one shower that’s best to watch at nightfall or early evening, not after midnight. No matter where you are on Earth, watch as close to nightfall as possible. The shower is active between October 6 and 10.



Patheos-Pagan: The Call of the Gods: Moments, Practices, & Doubts

I had a friend recently ask me about communicating with deity, and it’s a question I’ve metaphorically sat on now for over a month. Looking back on my life as a Pagan and a Witch I’m often not sure how or when my relationships with deity (and deity adjacent) figures began exactly.

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Pagan Playlist : Loreena McKennitt: the lady of Shalott



“It is only when we realize that life is taking us nowhere that it begins to have meaning.”
— P.D. Ouspensky

“All major mystical traditions have recognized that there is a paradox at the heart of the journey of return to Origin. …Put simply, this is that we are already what we seek, and that what we are looking for on the Path with such an intensity of striving and passion and discipline is already within and around us at all moments. The journey and all its different ordeals are all emanations of the One Spirit that is manifesting everything in all dimensions; every rung of the ladder we climb toward final awareness is made of the divine stuff of awareness itself; Divine Consciousness is at once creating and manifesting all things and acting in and as all things in various states of self-disguise throughout all the different levels and dimensions of the universe.”
— Andrew Harvey

“Look at you, you madman, Screaming you are thirsty And are dying in a desert when all around you there is nothing but water!”
— Kabir

“After changes upon changes, we are more or less the same.”
— Paul Simon



A Note from the Universe

There are no accidents.

If it’s appeared on your life’s radar, this is why: to teach you that dreams come true; to reveal that you have the power to fix what’s broken and heal what hurts; to catapult you beyond seeing with just your physical senses; and to lift the veils that have kept you from seeing that you’re already the person you dreamed you’d become.

And believe me, that was one heck of a dream.


The Universe



Today’s Recipe: Mom’s Fresh Cranberry-Pumpkin Bread

Many years ago, I was putting together my first cookbook of memorable recipes. This one was from my mom and remains one of my all-time favorites! Freezes well. Delicious warm or cooled.

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Magical Correspondences for Friday

Magickal Intentions: Love, Romance, Marriage, Sexual Matters, Physical Beauty, Friendship and Partnerships, Strangers and Matters of the Heart

Element: Earth

Incense: Strawberry, Sandalwood, Rose, Saffron and Vanilla
Planet: Venus
Star Signs: Libra and Taurus
Angel: Ariel
Power Colors: Green, Pink, Aqua
Herbs & Plants: Pink Rose, Ivy, Birch, Heather, Clematis, Sage, Violet and Water Lilly

Sacred Stones: Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Pink Tourmaline, Peridot, Emerald and Jade
Oil: (Venus) Cardamom, Palmarosa, Rose, Yarrow

Deities include Aphrodite, Eros, Freya, Venus

Friday is ruled by Venus. It’s energies are warm, sensuous, and fulfilling. Efforts that involve any type of pleasure, comfort, and luxury, as well as the arts, music, or aroma (incense and perfume) can be done on this day. As Venus lends its sensuous influences to the energies of this day, use it for any magical work that deals with matters of the heart.

Magickal Intentions: Love, Romance, Marriage, Sexual Matters, Physical Beauty, Friendship and Partnerships, Strangers and Matters of the Heart


Daily Wisdom
October 9, 2020

“The world is never the same once a good poem has been added to it.”

-Dylan Thomas (1914-1953)

One of my very favorite poems is Longfellow’s “Psalm of Life” which says:
Lives of great men remind us
We can make our lives sublime.
And departing, leave behind us
Footprints in the sands of time.”
This particular poem is a big footprint that Longfellow left on this earth. He is quoted all the time, because he says it so well. He doesn’t have to go on and on with explanations and examples, we know exactly what he means, and we take it to heart. When John Lennon and Paul McCartney wrote: ”All you need is love” we listened, and remembered, because those five little words had such an impact in the context of a simple and beautiful song. Poets, and their poetry, change the world.

-Lissa Coffey



Daily Tarot: The Lovers

Relax, take a deep breath, and don’t let any feelings of anxiety derail your plans for the day. A certain level of nervousness may be in the air today but it doesn’t have to be contagious and you don’t have to catch it. If a touch of anxiety serves to give you a greater sense of caution, that can be a good thing



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