The Celtic Tree Month of Ivy Sept 30- Oct 27

Yellow Frontal With Ivy by Mira Pavlakovic

The Celtic Tree Month of Ivy / Gort/ Gwinwydden runs from Sept 30- Oct 27

“Oh, a dainty plant is the Ivy green,
That creepeth o’er ruins old!
Of right choice food are his meals, I ween,
In his cell so lone and cold.
The wall must be crumbled, the stone decayed,
To pleasure his dainty whim:
And the mouldering dust that years have made
Is a merry meal for him.
Creeping where no life is seen,
A rare old plant is the Ivy green.”

Charles Dickens: The Ivy Green



The ancient Celts and in particular the Druids, held ivy in high regard. In Wales ivy was related to the goddess Arianrhod, and was used in her ritual of opening a portal into the Otherworld also known as the dark side of the moon and the Realm of Faery. This realm is symbolized by the butterfly and gives ivy a mysterious and mystical aspect. Persephone is also associated with this month, this begins the time when she departs for the underworld for the dark half of the year. This month is time of settlement and reconciliation as it relates to karma. This month also corresponds to the Hunters Moon which is this months full moon. It relates to female hunting animals wolf (Brigid), boar (Garbh Ogh), Lioness (Sekhemet)

This plant is associated with the Goddess because it grows in a spiral
This plant is sacred to the God Dionysus and during the Bacchanal people would run around waving the thyrsus which was actually fir branches that were wrapped with ivy. And the ancient Greeks would give a wreath of ivy to newlyweds as a symbol of fidelity.

Ivy by oxxider


This “super vine” has great strength because of it’s ability to force it’s way into solid rock and it was powerful enough to kill a full grown oak tree. Ivy is another Celtic tree that is not a tree, and it depends upon a real tree to give it support. It is a member of the Ginseng family although it is considered an evergreen and it represents the ever blooming aspect of the human psyche. It develops yellowish flowers in October and then black berries.

Ivy is a POISONOUS plant and while it is said to have been used for medicinal purposes (like curing hangovers and cleansing wounds) I would highly recommend AGAINST it , as all parts of this plant are poisonous.

Ivy by Adriana Herbut


In it’s magical role it protects against evil spirits negativity and disaster. and is a symbol of loyalty, healing rituals, and longtime friendships. It can be used in love charms to promote fidelity. As a magical name Ivy denotes strength and to give someone ivy as a gift states “attachment” and be mine forever.


People born in this month are balanced by Reed people. In their own right, Ivy people have great stamina and talents that can bring them great public honors. Ivies also tend to radiate success even when they are not so fortunate. They are colorful and unique individuals who can be manipulative and use their power ruthlessly to get what they want. The key for Ivy people is not to abuse this power.

Deities: Dionysus, Artemis, Ariadne, Bacchus, Osiris, Arianrhod, Danu, Hel, Persephone, Rhea, Frey, Ogma, Cerrunos

Sacred Stones: Opal, chysoberyl, Alexandrite

Colors: Blue and light brown/tan

Animals: Butterfly, swallow, mute swan, lark

written by CatSister 2010 sources:
The New Book of Magical Names by Phoenix McFarland
Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs
Whispers from the Woods by Sandra Kynes

Mabon/ Autumn Equinox/ Harvest Home

Mabon/ Autumn Equinox/ Harvest Home

September 22, 2021

Colors: All shades of red, gold, brown, rust

Deities: All harvest deities, Earth Mother/Sky Father, Persephone, Epona, Greenman, Mabon

Symbols: acorns, dried flowers, pine cones, chrysanthemums, ferns, ivy. cornucopia, Indian corn, grapes and grains.

Food & Drink: Wine, ground veggies (potatoes, onions etc), beans, squash and multi-grain breads

Herbs: marigold, sage, myrrh, honeysuckle, rose, sweetgrass

Sacred Stones: All yellow stones, Lapis, multi colored agates

Mabon Activities: This is such a beautiful season to go outside! Take some nature walks and collect pinecones, acorns, colored leaves and interesting seeds and pods for decorating your home and altar. Other activities include making gourd rattles, harvesting from your garden, share your gardens abundance with others, fill your bird feeders with treats for your avian friends. Most of all, count your blessings. Have everyone in your family make a list of all the things they are thankful for and then read them aloud. I will also include my favorite activity…”feeding the trees”. We share a drink of apple cider or wine with our trees. This honors not only the tree spirit but The Greenman as well.

Mabon (pronounced May-bon, May-bone, May-bun, May-bawn) is celebrated at the time of the Autumn Equinox on or around September 21. This festival marks the completion of the harvest begun at Lughnasadh. It is named after the celtic god Mabon. Other names for this Lesser Sabbat include Harvest Home, Festival of Dionysus, The Feast of Avalon, Mea’n Fo’mhair (druid), Winter Finding (norse), Equinozio di Autunnio (strega).

On this day, day and night are again equal and time holds it’s breath as the Dying God gets ready to leave his physical body and begin the great journey to the Summerland. He sees this as the last great adventure of renewal and rebirth. The Goddess who is drowsing in the waning warmth of summer feels her love getting ready to depart as well as the new life growing in her womb.

The threefold theme for this Sabbat is Balance- Gratitude- Reflection. This is also a time of balance not only within nature but within ourselves and our lives. On the great wheel Mabon is balanced by Ostara. It is traditional to clean the unnecessary clutter from your home and life as well as blessing the thresholds of your house. Look back on everything you have done in the past year and with your life. Congratulate yourself on your accomplishments and make note of the areas you need to improve upon. Give thanks to the Lady and Lord, yourself and to everyone who has helped to get where your on this day! This is a wonderful time to do spells of balancing in preparation of the time of relfection that will be coming up at Samahain.

A Mabon Thought…. by Cat

On this day I am Thankful.

I am thankful for being able to rise and greet the day when there are those who cannot……..

I am thankful for my health and the health of my family, when so many others are sick……

I am thankful for having a home when so many are homeless……….

I am thankful for my family, friends, and pets when so many spend their lives alone………

I am thankful for having a loving spouse when many live with =buse……….

I am thankful for the food on my table when others are starving………

I am thankful for my job when so many are out of work……….

I am thankful for just being here and being able to participate in the adventure called life………

On this day I remember how important it is to give thanks everyday even when it seems like I have nothing to be thankful for

On this day I give thanks for all that I have no matter how small it seems.

On this day I acknowledge how blessed I really am and I give thanks to the people and events in my life that have helped me to be the person I am today……….

I am thankful………………….

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September Full Harvest Moon

September Full Harvest Moon

September 20, 2021

4:54 pm PST/ 5:54 pm MST/ 7:54 pm EST

The Old Farmer’s Almanac calls this moon the Full Corn Moon however in the Pagan Traditions it is called the Harvest Moon.

Many of the Native American tribes’ staple foods, such as corn, pumpkins, squash, beans, and rice, were ready for harvesting during this month. The strong light of the Harvest Moon allowed European farmers to work late into the night to harvest their crops which is where the name came from. This moon does not always occur in September and traditionally, the name goes to the full moon closest to the autumn equinox, the Harvest Moon sometimes happens in September and sometimes in October.

Other names for this moon are Chrysanthemum Moon (china), Nut Moon (Cherokee), Mulberry Moon (Choctaw), Singing Moon (Celtic), and Barley Moon (medieval English).

As Mother Earth begins her journey into the dark part of the year, the sun pulls away and we get that welcome autumn chill. September is a time of hearth and home as well as a time to acknowledge the things that we have accomplished since spring.

Now is also a great time to unclutter our homes and selves as we prepare to enter the season of introspection.

If you are a Kitchen Witch it’s a good time to reestablish your Hearth / Kitchen altar! Here are some ideas:

To get in the autumn mood and celebrate this months element of earth try wearing browns, greens and other earthy colors.

Sacred Stones: Citrine, Peridot, Bloodstone

Sacred Herbs: Grains, Valerian, Witch Hazel

Deities: Hearth Goddesses, Demeter, Brighid, Vesta, Freya

Full moon blessings!


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Celtic Tree Month of Vine Sept. 2nd to Sept. 29th.


I dreamed this mortal part of mine
Was metamorphosed to a vine,
Which, crawling one and every way…
from Robert Herrick’s “The Vine”

Blue Door by Patryk Specjal/


The Celtic Tree Month of Vine or Muin runs from September 2nd to September 29th.

The month of Vine is the bridge between the Autumn Equinox and the dark time of the year that begins at Samhain. Muin is an Ogham word that means highest of beauty and strongest of effort and the Irish word Muine means thicket.

Vine symbolizes emotion and sensuality and represents the clinging aspirations of artists and of poets. Vine refers to specifically to the Grape Vines. In mythology, the grape vine is personified in the God Dionysus or Bacchus, who brought the art of wine making to mankind. Carvings of this god show him with an ivy wreath upon his head and his body covered with grapes and leaves. As such he resembles the Greenman of the celtic traditions. In Pagan/Wiccan traditions the five pointed leaves are sacred to the Goddess as is the spiral growing pattern of the vines themselves.

Coil by Ekaterina Boym-Medler/


This is not a tree but more like a shrub and is probably the oldest cultivated plant in the world. It is a long lived plant and scientists have found fossilized grape leaves that date back 40 million years! These vines have large lobed leaves and produce small whitish flowers, that in turn produce grapes. Vine can grow up to 115 feet in length and live to a recorded life span of 600 years. The stem of very old grape vines have been know to produce “planks” 15 inches wide when cut. This vine has no uses other than wine making.

In healing, vine is known for it’s restorative and regenerative powers. It can help with fever, the leaves and seeds were used to stop hemmoraging, bleeding and inflamation. Grapes are rich in iron, and vitamins and provide an excellent source of instant energy. They are also a laxative and a diuretic. Blackberries were used by the ancient Greeks to treat gout. In England the leaves were used to treat burns while berries were used to treat bug bites, loose teeth and sore throats. The bark and roots are known for their astringent properties and are still used today.

Mother Nature by Alek von Felkerrzam/


Vine is female and is ruled by the moon. It can be used to promote prosperity, fertility, mental powers and can be used in garden magick. Ritual uses include celebrations, grounding and faery magick. Use the leaves of this plant to enhance your own goals and ambitions. Vine is also one of the nine sacred woods burned at Beltane as a symbol of joy.

Vines properties are as follows:

Thistle: Protection, strength, exorcism, hex breaking
Blueberry: Spirituality, protection and dream magick
Grape: Garden magick fertility, prosperity/money and binding
Blackberry: Protection, healing and properity

To dream of grapes/blackberries is a sign of abundance, if the leaves are green then success is coming your way and if you are harvesting the berries your income will be a good one. To dream of walking through a vinyard fortells of prosperity.

Here is a recipe for Vine Moon Tea (good for use in Earth magic, sex magic, overcoming difficulties):
1 part blackberry
1 part dandelion
splash of currant wine or Grape juice
pinch of hibiscus

Wine to Be by Dieter Joel Jagnow/


Vine people have high personal standards and tend to be natural socializers and well organized. They also have well developed insticts and an eye for detail however this can become an issue as they can be highly self critical. They are also secretly romantic and sensitive. Vine people have a dual personality and can be happy one minute and down the next. It is important for Vine people to learn the importance of balance between giving and receiving.

To choose Vine as a magickal name can indicate that you are a climber and have great potential. You are willing to work hard to achieve what you want.

Deities: Dionysus, Osirus, Branwen,Brigid, Danu, Freya , Hathor, Bacchus, Dagd, Etain.
Animals: White swan, eagle, lizard, hound
Sacred Stones: Blue beryl and emerald

written by CatSister 2010
The New Book of Magical Names by Phoenix McFarland
Cunninghams Encyclopedia of Magickal Herbs
Whispers from the Woods by Sandra Kynes

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August Full Corn Moon August 22, 2021

August Full “Corn” Moon

August 22, 2021: 5:01 PST/ 6:01 am MST/ 8:01 am EST

The Old Farmer’s Almanac calls this moon the Sturgeon Moon because the Native people of the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain knew this was the best time to catch these big fish. The lake sturgeon is the largest fish in North America and were at one time abundant in the lakes and rivers. I have also seen it called the Barley Moon or Corn Moon as this moon is also associated with grain and the rebirth we celebrated at Lughbasadh.

Other names for this moon are Dog’s Day Moon (Colonial American), Harvest Moon (China), Fruit Moon (Cherokee), Women’s Moon (Choctaw), Moon When All Things Ripen (Dakota), Dispute Moon (Celtic), Lightning Moon (Pagan).

Carry the harvest theme over into your magickal workings for the day. What can you sacrifice (harvest) today that will help you in the future. Make a list of the things that you are ready to sacrifice in this cycle. Spiritual and physical health are also good areas to work on at this time.

August’s Full Moon In Aquarius Is Basically the Luckiest — and Sexiest — of the Year

It will probably come as a surprise to exactly no one that Leo season, known for boosting self-assurance and empowering you to use your voice, will not be going out quietly this year. Read more……

Sacred Stones: carnelian, sardonyx, garnet, red agate, red jasper and tigers eye both gold and red.

Sacred Herbs & Flowers:: chamomile, poppy, basil, rosemary, rue, gladiolas, sunflower

Deities: Hecate, Mars, Hathor, Thoth

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Today’s Tarot: Aug, 19, 2021″Find Your Voice”

Wednesday, August 19, 2021

Gentle Sodalite is telling you to stand up for yourself, speak from the heart and speak your truth. Today is the day to have that tough conversation that you have been avoiding and ask for what you need. Honest and clear communication is essential as you step into your power. If you need something ask, if something bothers you, say so, if something needs to be said, say it. You do not need to stay silent or go along with the crowd. Your needs and feelings matter so find your voice and speak up!

(Today’s Deck: Daily Crystal Inspiration by Heather Askinosie)

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Today’s Tarot: Tuesday Aug. 17, 2021″Grow Baby! Grow!

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

We start the day with the earthy vibe of the Ten of Pentacles. Blessings, prosperity and legacy are the foundation of this card. The time has come to draw nourishment from our spiritual source and initiate new growth. This new growth is a reminder that even though life may be difficult at times these experiences carry hidden benefits. The key for today will be in leaving the safety of the womb to reach for the light. New growth is an option on all levels so choose an area that you have been neglecting. This will help the blessings find you as you burst forth from the confines of inaction. Grow baby! Grow!

(Celestial Tarot by Kay Steventon and Brian Clark)

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Today’s Tarot: Friday August 6, 2021

Friday, August 6, 2021

Ace of Chalices

As we end the week happiness abounds in both spirit and body. Today’s card invites us to be focused on the present and welcome the blessings around us. Large or small all are worthy of our attention, and all are part of life’s grand adventure. By living in the moment we can find the peace and joy we need to dance through our day. ~Cat

(Black Cat Tarot)

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Today’s Tarot: Thursday August 5, 2021

King Of Swords

Don’t let your emotions get in the way of getting the information that you need today. While discipline is a good thing ruling with an iron fist is not. Choose your words carefully and filter out what doesn’t apply as this helps you make the best decisions. Small sacrifices are also on the table today. These will be important for achieving the successful outcome in today’s endeavors.

(Druidcraft Tarot)

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The Celtic Tree Month of Hazel: August 5th – September 1st


The Celtic Tree Month of Hazel or Coll runs through August 5th – September 1st

Hazel, The Tree of Knowledge

Long ago, hazel trees were prized by the Romans who used the limber twigs to hold up grape vines. These vines were sacred to the Roman god Bacchus and goats who were found feeding on them were sacrificed to Bacchus and roasted on hazel spits. The Romans were also responsible for giving Scotland it’s latin name of Caledonia. Hazel trees were plenitful in Scotland and the Romans called it Cal-Dun or Hill of Hazel. Since the medieval times hazel has been held sacred, particularly in Ireland where it is part of a celtic triad – Apple for beauty; Hazel for wisdom; Oak for strength. These trees were in fact so sacred that cutting one unnecessarily carried the penalty of death. Hazel was often used in funeral pyres and it was also found in the coffins of people of note like chiefs and rulers.

In Irish legend, 9 hazel trees grew around the sacred well of Connla. The trees produce flowers and fruit (nuts0, the nuts fell into the well and were eaten by the salmon, the legend says that the salmon will have the exact number of spots as the number of nuts it has eaten. The salmon became the carrier of all knowledge.

Hazel by Morten Hoeye/


This tree is found all over the world ( Europe, North Africa, Asia, Britain and the US). It can be found growing in damp places, hedgerows, and oak woods. It resembles a large shrub more than a tree although it grows to heights of 12-20 feet. Hazel trees have heart shaped leaves and produce yellowish catkins (male) along with reddish flowers (female) which can be seen between April and May. There are aproximately 15 species of Hazel and they all produce nuts, called hazelnuts, filberts or cobnuts depending on where you live. The nuts are ripe by September and can be eaten right off the tree, The uneaten nuts fall off the tree and will actually germinate if left. The wood from this tree is tough and limber. It is used to make walking sticks, fishing poles, baskets and hampers. It’s an excellent firewood and the charcoal is used for making gunpowder and crayons.

Photo by eran Menashri/


Hazel is used for divination and dowsing rods are often made from it. This was actually documented by Roman author, and philosopher, Pliny the Elder. The art of dowsing is called rhabdomancy and traditionally a divining rod was cut at night and from the eastern side of the tree. Before the 17th century these dowsing rods were used not only to find water but treasure, thieves and murders. An interesting fact is that this form of dowsing is still practiced in the celtic nation of Cornwall. Cornish legend says that the dowsing rod is guided to water or ore loads by piskies who guard the hazel trees. The nuts can also be used for divination. It is said that if you eat hazel nuts prior to divinatory workings you will gain increased knowledge. You can also use thie wood, leaves, and nuts in dark moon rituals.

The nuts were talismans carried for various reasons. People carried them to prevent toothaches. And they were said to help cure snakebites. Along this line St. Patrick used a hazel rod to drive all the snakes from Ireland. In Scandanavia this tree was sacred to the Thunder God, Thor and were used to protect a person again being struck by lightning.

In Scotland, on Halloween, 2 hazel nuts are given the names of lovers and put into the embers of the fire. If they burn quietly and stay together, the lovers will remain together. But if they crack and move apart they are ill matched. Hazel nuts are also considered good luck, and said to increase fertility. New brides were often given strings of hazel nut as gifts.

Ancient sailors also wore crowns of woven hazel twigs called wishing caps. These caps offered protection against bad storms at sea. The ancient druids believed that that if you wore such a crown you could become invisible.

This wood is also good for crafting wands and record of them can be found in ancient Egyptian and Chaldean records. According to Greek myth Apollo gave a hazel wand to Mercury. With it Mercury was able to instill good virtues into mankind.

If you are a hazel person you should pay attention to your own natural rhythm. It is easy for you to be impatient and you should sit back and let thing s happen naturally. You will be much happier. Hazel people are also understanding, moody, honest and tolerant partners and have excellent ideas of right and wrong.

Choosing Hazel or Hazelnut as a magickal name represents someone who is wise and experienced.

noisettes by fleurdepix/


Folk Names: Coll, Poets Tree and Dripping Hazel

Deity Associations: Mercury/ Hermes, Thor, Artemis, Arianrhod, Mannen Mac Lir, Ogma and Diana.

Ruled by: Mercury and the Sun

Star Signs: Virgo, Libra, Gemini

Sacred Stones: Lapis, Amethyst, Sapphire

Colors: Brown, Dark Blue

Animals: Salmon, Crane

Key Word: Intuition

Written by CatSister/LBolotin 2010 from the following resources:
The New Book of Magickal names by Phoenix McFarland
Flower and Tree Magic by Richard Webster
Whispers from the Woods by Sandra Kynes

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