Darkness Fears the Light: Cat’s Angel Message for July 13, 2017 


Darkness Fears the Light: Cat’s Angel Message for July 13, 2017 

July’s Theme: Life Path – Divine Guidance – Action

I will gather myself around my faith, for light does the darkness most fear. ~ Jewel

713: The Ascended Masters have taken the last few days off, however they are stepping in today help us with some much needed personal healing.  We all have those small places inside where we hide or store things away. It’s time to let the light shine in those places to get the energy moving. Set aside some time to clear and center. Sun on your face and hands, earthing or even eating an orange (citrus scents are mood boosters) can help those peaceful vibes to flow. Open your divine connection and ask the Ascended Masters and Divine Feminine Archetypes to surround you with loving energy to help heal those small places inside.

Mother Mary provides all forms of healing and she helps all who ask. She promotes feelings of peace and safety as she gently heals the dark places within. Saint John of God can help banish all forms of pessimistic attitudes. His happy energy helps us to find both joy and laughter and relieves anxiety and even depression. Our Sacred Stone for today is Moss Agate. This gentle stone helps us to connect to nature and the earth which is essential for the ground-clear-center process that we are working on today.

Blessings for a magickal day!


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