Thought for the Day: July 13, 2017 “Step Into Confidence”

Happy Thursday!

Our thought for the day is about self confidence. Self confidence is what enables us to move through life with purpose and do things. For some this confidence comes easy and for others… well… not so much. I fall into the “not so much” catagory (those who know me will probably not believe that) as so many of  us do. I was faced with this just the other day in dance class. A new floor pattern that my brain didn’t grasp because it was confusing to me. My first thought, “I don’t get it”  = “It’s weird and I can’t do it”. Now my brain actually knows better than that but that’s it’s first response because I’m afraid that I’ll screw it up and people will think less of me.  For some people this might mean that they just wouldn’t do it or even try. But  for me it means that I have to work it through in my mind so that I can make it happen. I guess my point is that what ever steps you take to activate your self confidence and do something different is the right way. What matters most taking the steps. That’s how it starts, and each time it gets a little easier! We totally have this!


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