Cat’s Bits for July 16-22 The Definitions of Popular Egyptian Symbols


Cat’s Bits for July 16-22 The Definitions of Popular Egyptian Symbols


July Events:

July 22: Sun enters Leo at 11:15 am EST

July 23: New Moon at 5:46 am EST


Mau Bast

My time has come, as evening settles her blue shadowed veils around the temple. The scents and sounds of the coming night drift on the warm night air.

The smell of myrrh mixes with the black earth scent of the Nile. The distant sounds of voices and the calling of night birds and frogs from the lotus pond are a soothing hum.

I rise and stretch in the fading light. Muscles sleek and sinuous, eyes glowing amber fire. I enter the temple hall where servants are lighting the rush lights, they bow as I silently pad past.

From the temple there are voices raised in song and the rattle of sistrums, a tribute to the living goddess. I consider joining them but the night beckons, like a seductive lover I cannot resist.

As I emerge into the dusk world I am greeted by the small wild-cats that are my children and the scent of lotus flowers. Together we fade into the cloak of night. It is my time

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The Definitions of Popular Egyptian Symbols
By John Mackata

Most of the Egyptian symbols are depicted in hieroglyphs as the ‘words of God’ and were commonly used by priests. Some have appeared in novels and films due to the mysteries they are associated with. The most common symbols as seen on the Egyptian hieroglyphic include the eye of Horus, Bast, Crescent Moon, the Lotus Flower, Feather of Maat and the falcon. These are commonly used in religions as well as in magical rituals.

The Ankh
This is an Egyptian character that stands for ‘life’. In the ancient days, only the Kings, Pharaohs and the Gods were allowed to posses them. It was believed that the person who possessed them had the power to giving life. It was commonly used to represent air and water and was commonly held to a patient’s lips to give breath. The design also invokes the sun rising with the combination of the cross and the circle.

Bast (the Cat Goddess)
This is a representation of the daughter of Ra who was known as the cat headed Goddess. Bast was associated with both childbirth and fertility and known also as the goddess of joy, dancing and music. She was believed to have been connected with the moon and the possessor of Oudjat (the eye of her twin brother known as Horus). She was the personification of the soul of Isis according to a myth and also known as the ‘Lady of the East’. To receive her blessings of music, love and dancing, figures of cats were offered to Bast.

The Crescent Moon
This is known to be symbol especially for the children and the mothers. It was used as the symbol of Isis in the ancient Egypt. Being the queen of Egypt, Isis was known as the protector of women, motherhood and the sick healer. She was also believed to rule magic.

The Eye of Horus
This is one of the most popular Egyptian symbols which designed to resemble a falcon’s eye. Horus was a falcon headed god and the son of Isis and Osiris. He was generally associated with health, vitality and regeneration. The right eye was white and means to represent the sun. The left eye was black and was believed to represent the moon. According to some myth, it is believed that Seth, the brother to Horus, killed Osiris and the two had a fight to the extent that Horus lost the left eye. Thoth used his magic to restore the eye.

The Falcon
In the Egyptian symbols, the Falcon was associated with Horus, the god of solar. He was believed to appear as the Pharaoh’s falcon or as the ‘Falcon headed go’. It was believed that he had the capability of seeing everything at once due to his right eye being the sun and the left one the moon. In the representation, the Falcon is seen wearing double crown.

There are thousands of Ancient Egyptian Art [] forms that one can go through. The internet offers adequate information on them. In addition to that, Egyptian symbols can be bought on leading online stores. Check out Egyptian Symbols [] and their meanings for more information.

Article Source: [] The Definitions of Popular Egyptian Symbols

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