Thought for the Day: July 19, 2017 “Taking it Personally”

Happy Wednesday, we’ve made it to Hump Day!

Some people take everything personally. (I use to be this way myself and sometimes it still happens. )  The truth is that people will always ask questions (that’s human nature) and most will never understand you or the things that you do. The other truth is that out of those people most of them are not asking out of malice, they just simply don’t understand because it’s not something they would say or do. It’s nothing personal against you,  it’s just them not understanding. And that’s okay because most things are not worth getting upset over. My dad used to tell me that I needed to get thicker skin so that I didn’t take everything personally. I don’t think it’s so much that as it is  realizing that what most people think really doesn’t matter. If you are happy with yourself that’s all that matters.

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