September’s Full Corn Moon: 9-6

September Full Corn Moon

  September 6, 2017 at 3:03 am EST


“Crown’d with the sickle, and the sheaten sheaf, while Autumn, nodding o’er the yellow plain, comes jovial on”   ~ James Thomson, Autumn, 1730

The Old Farmer’s Almanac calls this moon the Full Corn Moon however this year there seems to be some debate as to whether this is the Harvest Moon. The Harvest moon usually occurs in September but can also fall in early October which is the closest date to the Autumn Equinox. The Harvest Moon will actually be in October this year. Many of the Native American tribes’ staple foods, such as corn, pumpkins, squash, beans, and rice, were ready for harvesting during this month.

Other names for this moon are Chrysanthemum Moon (china), Nut Moon (cherokee), Mulberry Moon (choctaw), Singing Moon (celtic),  and Barley Moon (medieval english).

As Mother Earth  begins her journey into the  dark part of the year, the sun pulls away and we get that welcome autumn chill. September is a time of hearth and home. For Kitchen Witches this is a great time to reestablish your hearth and kitchen altars. Take time as well to acknowledge the things that we have accomplished since spring and declutter both home and self in preparation of winter’s season of introspection.

To get in the autumn mood and celebrate this months element of earth try wearing browns, greens and other earthy colors.
Sacred Stones: Citrine, Peridot, Bloodstone
Sacred Herbs: Grains, Valerian, Witch Hazel
Deities: Hearth Goddesses, Demeter, Brighid, Vesta, Freya

Full moon blessings!