It’s In Your Hands: Cat’s Angel Message for December 2, 2017

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It’s In Your Hands: Cat’s Angel Message for December 2, 2017   

December’s Theme:  Pay close attention to recurring thoughts and ideas. These messages and clues will assist you to make improvements in your life.  Taking action will aid in manifestation.

Your destiny is in your hands. Creating the life you want is only, and always, up to you.

– Darren L. Johnson


122: You are a creator and as a creator you play a major role in making things happen. Our thoughts and our faith are sacred tools and when combined together our power of manifestation greatly increases. Today the Universe is asking us to honor our power as a creator. To have faith in your own divine wisdom and to pay attention to the messages that you receive. Use that information to create new life choices and opportunities. Be open and confident of your unlimited potential and believe in your heart that the universe is helping you and supporting your goals and dreams!

Archangel Uriel helps us to make better life decisions,  Ascended Masters Saint Germain assists us in the setting of positive goals and the Hawaiian goddess Pele empowers our communication skills and our ability to prioritize to our best advantage. Our Sacred Stone is  Citrine. This sunny golden crystal  helps increase our self esteem and is a powerful healer of old outdated patterns.which allows us to manifest new things. This stone also attracts abundance, but keep in mind that abundance comes in many forms not just financial.

Bright blessings for a magickal day!


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