Change Takes Courage: Cat’s Angel Message for December 5, 2017   

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Change Takes Courage: Cat’s Angel Message for December 5, 2017   

December’s Theme:  Pay close attention to recurring thoughts and ideas. These messages and clues will assist you to make improvements in your life.

 I Act with Bold Courage – Taking inspiration from the powerful vision of my future, I boldly set sail with courage and intent. I hold my course with focused attention and relentless commitment, as I weather the storms of life.

– Jonathan Lockwood Huie 


125: Last month we  continued working on making  positive changes to help us create a better life. Remember that change is necessary if we are to grow to our full potential. Today the Universe is telling us that the  time  has come to acknowledge the changes that we  initiated and to make any adjustments that will help ease the way. The number 5 relates to transformation on all levels and it’s important to continue to let go of what no longer serves to make room. The our spiritual helpers are here and are sending us messages and clues that relate to our path. Embrace your faith in yourself and the Universe and allow your transformation to happen!

Archangel Jeremiel eases our concerns about the future and  helps us to navigate the paths of change. He can also help us to decipher the messages that receive. The Celtic Goddess Brigid ignites our inner fire and brings our creativity and creative thinking to the forefront and the New Age Ascended Master Vywamus helps to discover talents and skills that will help us on our path. Today’s Sacred Stone is Hematite. This stone keeps us  grounded and assists us the letting go process by making it more comfortable.

Bright blessings for a magickal day!


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