Being Wakeful: Cat’s Angel Message for December 11 , 2017 

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

 Being Wakeful: Cat’s Angel Message for December 11 , 2017   

December’s Theme:  Pay close attention to recurring thoughts and ideas. These messages and clues will assist you to make improvements in your life.

Being wakeful in each and every moment of your life is meditation. The simplest definition of meditation is: when seeing, just see; when hearing just hear.

Josh Baran

1211: The Universe is asking us to take December’s theme to heart today.   The information we receive is directly related to the changes taking place within us. Remember that changes require that we must let go of old habits and patterns if we are to continue our overall growth. Take some time to ground and center and then engage in some creative pursuit. Creativity promotes clarity and can be used as a form of meditation that opens our lines of communication. . The key lies in remembering that these messages can come in any form. Keep an open perspective and don’t casually dismiss something as unimportant as it may hold valuable information designed to help you.

The Hindu Goddess Kali oversees the ending of cycles and transformations. Kali is a powerful lady and her energy is like a powerful storm that clears away what we no longer need and replaces it with focus for new beginnings, and the courage and motivation we need to see things through. Archangel Jeremiel helps us to initiate the positive changes we need that will best aid our forward momentum. We can also call upon the Ascended Masters Jesus, Moses,Yogananda or Babaji to facilitate clear communication with the Divine. Keep working with Tangerine Quartz which helps to increase our receptivity to Divine inspiration and to enhance divine communication use Angelite or Celestite.


Bright blessings for a magickal day!


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