Knowledge and the Universal Self: Cat’s Angel Message for June 10, 2018 

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Knowledge and the Universal Self: Cat’s Angel Message for June 10, 2018 

 June Theme: Balancing our need/desire for earthly materials (possessions, money etc) with focus and faith while staying grounded and present.

If you first fortify yourself with the true knowledge of the Universal Self, and then live in the midst of wealth and worldliness, surely they will in no way affect you. – Ramakrishna

610: Starting today and carrying over into tomorrow we move into the  realms of positive expectations. This includes affirmations, gratitude and focusing on the blessings in your life.  Today is a reminder that we are all wealthy in many ways and on many levels. By acknowledging our blessings and embracing grace and  gratitude we are opening the doors to creating our own infinite supply. The key is to focus on what you HAVE and not on what you DON’T. Remember that true wealth is not about how many “cool new things” you have, I know people with this mentality and they are some of the most miserable people ever. Make a list today of all the good things and blessings in your life and you will see that you really are wealthier than you realized!

Archangel Jophiel is considered the patron of artists and beauty. Her energy is friendly and positive and she teaches us how to take time to enjoy our lives and the things that really matter. As the angel of beauty she helps us to see the beauty in our lives and within ourselves. The Ascended Master Maitreya (the Laughing Buddha) teaches us that laughter brings joy and peace. Our ability to find the humor in any situation helps us to clearly see the good things life has given us and the Hindu bodhisattva White Tara surrounds us with a gentle energy which allows  divine love to fill our hearts. In turn this divine love  allows us to more easily acknowledge good things with gratitude. Her message is  “Come and sit beside me. I will help ease the worry in your heart and teach you how to replace it with gratitude and joy. This is where faith dwells and we must only open the doors and invite it forward.”

Our Sacred Stones for today are  Apatite, which promotes inspiration and manifestation tinged with a humanitarian and grateful attitude. Tiger’s Eye helps us to be clear about what we need and want  and Rose Quartz which helps to bring your feelings of gratitude to the surface.

Bright blessings for a magickal day!

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