The Fear of Being Wrong: Cat’s Angel Message for June 14, 2018 

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The Fear of Being Wrong: Cat’s Angel Message for June 14, 2018 

 June Theme: Balancing our need/desire for earthly materials (possessions, money etc) with focus and faith while staying grounded and present.

To live a creative life we must lose our fear of being wrong. – Joseph Chilton Pearce

614: Working with the Universe is a team effort. If we truly want to succeed it’s imperative that we do our part to help create on our own behalf.  Today we are being reminded that  our helpers can only do so much. The Universe does have  an unlimited supply but without adding our own efforts and energies we won’t get the “whole enchilada”, just a few bites. You are worthy of great things so allow yourself to believe in your own power and the ability to move past your fears. Remember, you and your angels are a team and by working together with faith, and focus there is nothing that cannot be accomplished!

Archangel Raziel helps us to manifest prosperity and abundance on all levels. Archangel Jeremiel helps us make the positive life changes  needed to help our personal creation process. The Ascended Master Mother Mary assists in areas where children are concerned by offering protection and guidance, and Buddhist Goddess Green Tara helps us find the strength we need to take action and move past our fears. She says “Come and sit beside me. Breathe and calm your mind and heart. In the center of your being lives the fire of your own creation, feel it and bring it forward. Allow it to bring with it your confidence and courage, do not fear, I am here with you.”

Our Sacred Stones are Fluorite to help focus the mind and Spirit Quartz to overcome fear of success.

Bright blessings for a magickal day!

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