Shedding the Old: Cat’s Angel Message for June 26, 2018 

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Shedding the Old: Cat’s Angel Message for June 26, 2018 

 June Theme: Balancing our need/desire for earthly materials (possessions, money etc) with focus and faith while staying grounded and present.

We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us. The old skin has to be shed before the new one can come. – Joseph Campbell

626:  Today  we are reminded about “divine timing”. Essentially divine timing is like a puzzle and only when all the pieces are in place will things happen. It requires patience, focus and faith. This is important because as stated in an earlier reading “Human beings are an impatient bunch and have been conditioned to expect everything immediately and forcing something to happen too quickly can be a devastating lesson.” Good things come to those who wait. Today, the Universe is giving us a congratulatory hug for the progress we’ve made and continue to make toward our dreams and goals. Remember not to let material concerns overwhelm you. When they come knocking turn them over to the angels. Then you can focus on the things that require your attention in the now. This will help lay the groundwork for divine timing.  If you receive divine guidance take action and keep faith in yourself and in your power to create a new reality.

 Archangel Chamuel helps us to find things that are lost. This includes both physical  and internal. Sometimes we wander off on side paths and lose our focus and this archangel can help us get back on track. If faith is an issue today then ascended masters like Jesus, Moses, or El Morya can help us restore and embrace it and the Greek Goddess Persephone teaches us how to liberate ourselves from the things that are holding us back so that we can forge ahead on a new path. This lady has both an iron will and compassion. She tells us “Don’t be afraid to unearth what lies beneath. By shedding light in dark places we often find treasures we had forgotten. These treasure can form the foundations that you need.”

Our Sacred Stones for today are Orbicular Jasper to increase our sense of responsibility and promote patience as wells as providing the  strength needed to calmly deal with life’s challenges.  Lepidolite helps us to focus on the important things and filter out any distractions that come knocking, and the gentle energy of Seraphinite clears the heart chakra and helps to open us to love on all levels. It is also used to review the progress that you have made in life, and shows the changes that we need to make to best helps us on our path.

Bright blessings for a magickal day!

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