Paint In Bold Colors: Cat’s Angel Message for August 11, 2018

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Paint In Bold Colors: Cat’s Angel Message for August 11, 2018 

August Theme:  Prosperity and abundance is what we are concentrating on prosperity and abundance this month. The key will be keeping a positive focus and tapping into your creative side to solve problems. Remember that you are a powerful creator and all that you need is within your grasp!

Today is your day to paint life in bold colors; set today’s rhythm with your heart-drum; walk today’s march with courage; create today as your celebration of life. – Jonathan Lockwood Huie

811: Creative thinking plays an important role in our overall manifestation process. By learning to embrace your creativity we can negate the effect of worry and fear.  When combined with positive thought and gratitude we find that all problems are easier to solve( including financial ones) and new doors and paths open up all around us. As far as daily numbers go, today’s includes the master number 11 which is asking us to step out of our comfort zone as we create the reality we want for ourselves. Be sure to pay attention repetitive thoughts and ideas. Use them to guide you today as they can offer solutions to current issues. It’s a great day to practice your creative problem solving skills, so be bold and stay open to new ideas!

Archangel Jophiel helps us to release worry  so that our creative thought process can step forward and take center stage. She teaches us that by slowing down and taking the time to “smell the roses” the attitude of gratitude flows more easily. If you have obstacles in your path ask the Hindu God Ganesh to help you move them. Ganesh brings good fortune and abundance and can assist with creative problem solving. And the Irish Mother Goddess Dana tells us “While you wait for these blessings to arrive fill your heart with feelings of abundance. Engage yourself in things that make you feel abundant!” ….. ” Your energy is linked to the energy of the Divine. Acknowledge and strengthen this connection as it allows you to handcraft your dreams.”

Our Sacred Stones for today are Chiastolite (aka Cross Stone or Andalusite) promotes the creative problem solving process and Sandstone which clears the mind of distractions and enhances overall creativity.

Bright blessings for a magickal day!

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