Solving Things Creatively: Cat’s Angel Message for August 12, 2018 

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Solving Things Creatively: Cat’s Angel Message for August 12, 2018 

August Theme:  Prosperity and abundance is what we are concentrating on prosperity and abundance this month. The key will be keeping a positive focus and tapping into your creative side to solve problems. Remember that you are a powerful creator and all that you need is within your grasp!

Dream and give yourself permission to envision a You that you choose to be. – Joy Page

812:  Today we continue on the theme of creative problem solving. We are all capable of creating new and better ways of making things happen. However some seem to have difficulty in activating their problem solving skills. This could be because they’re  afraid to let themselves go, of making mistakes or of what others may think. Be courageous and give yourself permission to use the abilities that you have. By allowing our creative mind to blossom it invites new ideas to come, visit and invite friends. While it’s true that these ideas may generate artistic endeavors it can also generate a completely different approach to solving issues that we are working on. This in turn gives us more options and flexibility so that we have more to work with. The angels are reminding us to stay positive, focused and open to trying out new ideas!

Archangel Uriel teaches us  how to access our creative database. he reminds us that sometimes the best way to solve a problem is to use a non-conventional approach. The Ascended Master Kuthumi helps us to navigate the distractions of everyday life. He encourages us to focus on what’s important right now and stop fighting the things that we have no control over.(This blocks our problem solving and creative flow) and the Hawaiian Goddess  Pele tells us that “Within you lives the sacred fire that gives life to your greatest dreams and passions. This part of you must be allowed to come forward, not smothered beneath fear, resentment or the expectations of others. Your fire will help you burn away old and outdated ways of doing things!”

Keep working with Chiastolite (Cross Stone, Andalusite) to help balance problem solving with with creativity and practicality or simple Lava Stone which acts as a visual reminder of our inner fire.

Bright blessings for a magickal day!

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