Take Every Step: Cat’s Angel Message for September 2, 2018 

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Take Every Step: Cat’s Angel Message for September 2, 2018 

September’s Theme: This month will involve working on our Life Mission/ Purpose. Sometimes we have a clear vision of what that is and sometimes we don’t.  Remember that everything you do has an impact on your world and the people in it and around you.  It can be simple, like making “tiny miracles” happen for others or even making your own life or the life of a loved one better. Sometime’s the small things are the best!

Standing in the inspiring vision of my future, I boldly take every step – large and small – with courage and intent. – Jonathan Lockwood Huie

92: This month we will be working in areas that relate to our Life Path. Just like when you start any other “project” working with your Life Path requires faith in yourself to make things happen. Even if you aren’t exactly sure what your Mission is (not knowing is OK), be assured that if something compels you to take action and feels right that you are on the right path. For example you may feel moved to help someone who really needs it, do volunteer work, helping out a disabled or elderly neighbor or something along these lines. Get the picture? Be open to what your inner guidance tells you and you will always be headed in the right direction.

Archangel Chamuel assists in all areas of our path. He can help you find the direction and guidance that you will need to move forward on this journey of self discovery. The Ascended Master Kuthumi helps us to navigate the distractions of everyday life which can get in our way. He encourages us to focus on what’s important right now and to set aside things we have no control over and The Hindu Goddess Lakshmi is letting you know that,  ” You are worthy of so many wonderful things! Let me help you to clear the way so that these gifts can be given to you. Make room and feel the lightness it creates within your spirit.”

Our Sacred Stone for today is the  Life Path Crystal ( along thin, clear quartz w/ one or more absolutely smooth sides). This can help to access our life purpose.They help you to go with the flow and follow what your soul wants not what your ego wants.


Bright blessings for a magickal day!

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