A Daring Adventure: Cat’s Angel Message for October 18, 2018 

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A Daring Adventure: Cat’s Angel Message for October 18, 2018 

October’s Theme: Divine guidance and messages. Thoughts, ideas, insights, or even warnings. These messages are important for us personally, emotionally and spiritually so work on staying open to the information that you receive.

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. – Helen Keller

1018:  It’s time to spread your wings and allow yourself to grow! By embracing personal transformation we open the doors and pathways to new things like relationships and abundance. And by allowing ourselves this growth we make the statement that we are ready to move forward. Today the Universe is telling us that a prosperity window has opened for us. During this time our thoughts should be focused on bringing these blessings into our lives. Use your powers of positive manifestation and creative thinking to make things happen. While this window will come around again make use of this one to set things in motion. Stay open to any messages that your receive especially the ones that tell you to take immediate action as it will be in your best interest!

The Welsh Goddess Cerridwen uses her cauldron “Amen” to help provide us with knowledge, wisdom, personal rebirth and inspiration. remember that change brings us the transformation that we need. Archangel Sandalphon helps to deliver our prayers and request to angels and ascended masters best suited to our specific needs and Archangel Michael protects us during periods of change and transformation when we feel the most vulnerable.

Our Sacred Stones for today are:  Moonstone which reminds us that all things are a part of the cycle of change (also helps us connect to Cerridwen) and both Angelite and Aqua Aura help create a link to the angelic messages sent our way.

Bright blessings for a magickal day!

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