Make Every Day The Best: Cat’s Angel Message for December 31, 2018 

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Make Every Day The Best: Cat’s Angel Message for December 31, 2018 

December’s Theme: Pay close attention to recurring thoughts and ideas. These messages and clues will assist you to make improvements in your life. Taking action will aid in manifestation.

Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

1231:  As the old year comes to a close we are receiving a message and a big hug from our Angels and the Ascended Masters.

“You are amazing beings and you have grown in ways you can’t even begin to imagine over the past year. Enter into this new cycle by shifting your thoughts to a new level of love and peace. This will be essential to your continued growth in the new year. Stay focused and confident and above all continue to have faith in yourself. By living your truth and claiming your authentic self you are fully capable of creating the life you desire for both you and your loved ones. Creation begins with you and spreads to those around you and continues outward like ripples in a pond. Don’t be afraid to enter the new year with a new outlook on life. We are here and ready to help you all you need do is ask.”

Archangel Michael is there to offer support as we navigate our path. He helps by pointing us in the right direction and provides a boost of self confidence. The Ascended Master Kuthumi helps us to focus on our goals. He teaches us how to avoid distractions and that sometimes it is pure stubbornness that propels us forward. The Hawaiian goddess Pele helps us to ignite our inner fire. This fire when channeled correctly helps to fuel our passions and our sense of purpose. As a goddess of empowerment she teaches us about honest communication and how it aids our goal setting and getting. She reminds you that  “Within you lives the sacred fire that gives life to your greatest dreams and passions. This part of you must be allowed to come forward, not smothered beneath fear, resentment or the expectations of others. Your fire will help you forge new paths!”

Our Sacred Stones for today include Amethyst, which is a powerful protector and helps to shield us from unwanted energies, which it transmutes into something more positive. It dispels anxiety and fear as it helps the thought process by providing focus and clearing the way to good decision making. It is also connected to Archangel Michael which allows us to feel his energy and the energy of divine love. And Lava Stone which is associated with Pele. This stone is a powerful symbol of our own energy. It is a stone of rebirth and helps us to burn away unneeded layers so we can initiate new growth.

Bright blessings for a magickal day!

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