A New Year Filled With growth: Cat’s Angel Message for January 1, 2019 

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A New Year Filled With growth: Cat’s Angel Message for January 1, 2019 

January’s Theme: Stay focused on your desires and not your fears or past happenings. Our thoughts  are ready to manifest into reality and by staying focused on what’s positive we lessen the power of the things that we fear.

We all have a social mask, right? We put it on, we go out, put our best foot forward, our best image. But behind that social mask is a personal truth, what we really, really believe about who we are and what we’re capable of. – Phil McGraw

11:  Welcome to the new year! Let’s first take a look at the number for 2019 (2+0+1+9=11/ 1+1= 3) which is 3. The new year will focus on our communication and social skills. It will teach us to our lives with joy and optimism as well as in using our creative abilities to help us manifest our goals and dreams. To aid your progress be sure to live authentically. In other words be yourself and be true to yourself. And remember to  pay attention to Divine guidance and your own intuition.

Today the Universe is reminding us that we are not alone and help is always available to us. Have faith in yourself and know that your prayers have been heard and the wheels are in motion. Divine right timing will also be important so don’t skip any steps as even the smallest ones need to be taken to complete the process. 2019 will be a year of personal growth and evolution so embrace your divine spark to bring clarity, inner peace and  greater self love.

Archangel Uriel gives us the information that we need when we need it. This assists us during the manifestation process by enhancing our problem solving skills so that we can make the decisions that are best for our current situations and our overall evolution. The Ascended Master Maitreya, the Laughing Buddha, brings us peace and teaches us about the healing power of laughter. Being able to find the humor in our lives reduces our stress levels and brings peace and clarity. And the Egyptian Goddess Maat teaches us that the point of balance is thin and feather light. It is achieved through truth and self honesty. She reminds us  to “Honor yourself by being truthful. It is truth that creates order out of difficult or confusing situations. It is also truth that keeps your inner scales balanced, your energy free and your heart feather light.”

Our Sacred Stone for today is Pietersite (The Tempest Stone). Use this stone to help access our intuition and create a link to a loving level of guidance. It helps to strengthen the will and increases our focus of where we really want life to take us.  We can also use white feathers. While this is obviously not a stone it IS a symbol the Goddess Maat. Carry one as charm or a reminder of truth and integrity.

Bright blessings for a magickal day!

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