I Am Open: Cat’s Angel Message for May 18, 2019


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I Am Open: Cat’s Angel Message for May 18, 2019

May’s Theme: This month brings changes into your life. While change sometimes feels scary, it is a necessary thing for our overall growth. Be willing to embrace it and allow it to happen naturally and get ready for better things!

I am open to receiving the generous gifts of Spirit. I hold no expectations or demands on the form, the timing, or the color of the wrapping on the bountiful gifts of Spirit – Jonathan Lockwood Huie

518:  This month we have been busy initiating change and cultivating new growth. These things take time and patience, however our work is beginning to pay off. Part of our success will lie in our ability to receive. Some people overextend the giving process but have trouble with receiving the blessings, assistance and abundance when it comes around to them. Sometimes you just need to tell yourself that it’s okay to receive so that you can embrace the good things that come your way. make the effort to ensure that your giving and receiving is in balance. Remember, abundance comes in many forms so make sure that you don’t limit yourself to just one form. Accept them all and the doors open to new things and experiences.  You are an amazing creator and you are worthy of all the blessings of the Universe.

Archangel Raziel helps us to access and fine tune both our intuitive abilities so that we are better able to receive divine guidance, which in turn can  help us manifest the things we need to create a better life.  The Ascended Master Buddha is called the Enlightened or Awakened One. During his life he lived as both prince and ascetic. When he achieved true enlightenment he came to realize that the key to happy living required moderation and balance in all things. This includes the important balance between giving and receiving. When we are balanced we find that inner peace is ours. And the Celtic/Irish goddess Dana helps us to feel the abundance around us and shows us that we are worthy to receive it. Dana tells us “”While you wait for these blessings to arrive fill your heart with feelings of abundance. Engage yourself in things that make you feel abundant!”

Our Sacred Stones for today include the following:   Sunstone brings personal empowerment and fights procrastination. It brings out our natural optimism, self confidence and promotes our natural flow of abundance as it soothes our fear of change and the accompanying stress that change can bring. Zincite helps to remove energy blocks which gets our life force flowing, which aids our  manifestation process. It also restores our energy when it becomes depleted by giving away too much of ourselves to others. And Tiger Iron, which is a combination of Jasper, Hematite and Tiger’s Eye, helps to promote change by opening space within and providing the energy to accomplish what’s needed by generating new and creative ways and ideas to make the changes easier.

Bright blessings for a magickal day! Cat

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