Good Things: Cat’s Angel Message for June 11, 2019

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Good Things: Cat’s Angel Message for June 11, 2019

June’s Theme: Maintaining balance our in all areas of our lives. (material, spiritual, goals, dreams, self etc.) Create and invite good things through focus and faith while staying grounded and present.

Good things just keep happening. – Bob Edwards

611: Today we continue to acknowledge and embrace the good things in our lives. Remember that your thoughts help to create your reality so take the necessary steps to make it something amazing. Look to your creative side and make some upgrades to your surroundings. Declutter, paint the kitchen or maybe revamp your personal space. Whatever you choose to do make sure that it’s a reflection of your inner sparkle and light. Allow your creative side to partner with your intuition. If your intuition leads you out of your comfort zone today is a great day to take that step towards expression and empowerment. Surround your workings today with gratitude and appreciation and extend them to those you love as it creates more love to keep the energy flowing!

Archangel Jophiel reminds us that goodness and beauty surround us all the time. By keeping ourselves open to receiving these blessings it draws the things we need directly to us. She reminds us that slowing down activates our creative mind and makes these things easier to visualize and grasp. The Himalayan Ascended Master Babaji helps us to achieve the personal and spiritual growth necessary for the letting go process . Letting go is a form of simplifying your life. It frees your energy so that you can work on what’s important. And the Greek goddess Iris teaches us that miracles of beauty can happen in a instant. She says “Open your eyes, both physical and spiritual, then open you heart and allow the divine light to fill you. This will help you see the blessings and the beauty that are right before your eyes. Take nothing for granted.”

Our Sacred Stones for today include the following:  Green Amethyst encourages spiritual growth and can strengthen our connection to the divine and to nature as it helps  us to look inward and embrace the adventure of self discovery. Sodalite is a stone for the mind and encourages clear and calm thinking. It helps us to be objective and helps us to release old mental conditioning and outdated thought patterns as it boosts our self confidence and esteem, and Rose Quartz to promote self love which is key to positive self expression and empowerment.

Bright blessings for a magickal day!

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