Cat’s Morning Bits for September 4, 2019

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Cat’s Morning Bits for September 4, 2019

Good Morning Beautiful Souls, grab a cup of your favorite morning brew and start things off with “Today’s Inspirations”. I hope you find something here that will make you feel good or help you on your path today.

Blessings, Cat


Build a castle, comb a beach; summer’s ripe as any peach!
-The 1996 Old Farmer’s Almanac


Did you know…

There are individual differences in the need to nap. Some adults and children need to nap. However, the majority of teenagers probably nap in the afternoon because they are not sleeping enough at night.


ThoughtCo: Mabon Prayers

Need a prayer to bless your Mabon meal? How about one to celebrate the Dark Mother before you dive into your dinner? Try one of these simple, practical Mabon prayers to mark the autumn equinox in your celebrations.


Today’s Deity: In Honor of Eris, Greek Goddess of Chaos 

Hello from the realms of Eris! She has definitely been the ruling goddess for us during this past year, throwing all kinds of discord, mess, and challenge our way.


Daily Good: Look With Your Heart: Lessons from My Time with My Grandmother

In 2003 theater artist Mia Tagano relocated to California from NYC to be with her grandmother who was living with dementia. Over the next sixteen years she would navigate the poignant territory of loving and caring for someone she could not build shared memories with, someone who would open Mia’s heart to life’s deepest lessons, someone she would learn to love tenderly, diligently, and unconditionally in the ever present now. What follows is one of the many inspiring stories Mia has shared with her wide circle of friends and well-wishers about her beloved soul friend, teacher and grandmother. { read more }


White Color Meaning – The Color White
White is often associated with being pure, fresh and good. The color of a fresh snowstorm illustrates a peaceful and pure winter scene. The color white is often used as background on many websites, as it is easy to read black or dark text on it.


MNN: Storm in a Jar Activity (just for fun)

What if you could sit atop a cloud and watch the rain fall? In this activity, you can see what is actually happening in the sky before a rain storm. Clouds are formed when moisture is collected in the air


EarthSky News: Young moon, stars, a planet September 3-5

As darkness falls on September 3 and 4, 2019, watch for the waxing crescent moon to travel in front of the constellation Libra the Scales, past Libra’s alpha star Zubenelgenubi and famous green star Zubeneschamali. Then, as the moon continues going eastward in its orbit around Earth, it’ll sweep up toward the star Antares – the Heart of the Scorpion in Scorpius and a red supergiant star – and the very bright planet Jupiter.

Patheos-Pagan: Self Love: Filling My Cup Through Routine

Self-love. What does this look like? For me, creating a routine has helped me understand its meaning. Here’s what it looks like.
Every day when I wake up, I go to my kitchen window to light a candle to honor Frigga. My next task, is to light a candle to Brighid on the main altar.


Inner Journey:


“What is [the role of money] in the search for meaning? Is our relationship to it one of the chief factors that keeps us in our prison, or could it also be a tool for breaking out, for awakening to a life filled with intensity of purpose?”
— Jacob Needleman

Our personality has a need for security. As a human in a material world, we need money to survive. If we don’t have enough for basics, our lives cannot function. At the same time, with too much emphasis on the material, we lose the spiritual awareness that brings meaning and fulfillment. The key lies in the balance.

What draws most of your attention, time and energy: spiritual growth or money? Reflect on (or better yet, journal on) the balance or lack of balance of these two in your life.

“Money is not required to buy one necessity of the soul.”
— Henry David Thoreau

“View money and things not as something you create to fill a lack, but as tools to help you more fully express yourself and realize your potential.”
— Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer

A Note from the Universe

Have you ever considered that having aced time and space again and again and again, you’re here this time simply for the love of the game? Just to smell the dirt? To lend a hand? Give comfort? And maybe for old times’ sake, to manifest a thriving business and a steady income like it was a morning cup of coffee, even though you’re way past having to prove anything?


I do,

The Universe

Today’s Recipe:  Instant Pot Butter Chicken

A delicious, creamy and flavorful Indian inspired Butter Chicken made in an Instant Pot. I typically serve this over rice and pair with naan bread. Feel free to adjust the spices to your liking.

Magical Correspondences for Wednesday

Intentions:Rules healings, the mind, Communication, Divination, Writing, Knowledge, Business Transactions, Debt, Fear,Loss, Travel and Money Matters, Addictions, Young People, Messages, Perception, Self Expression.

Incense: Jasmine, Lavender, Sweet Pea, Cinnamon, Cinquefoil
Planet: Mercury and Chiron (though this is a moon of Pluto)
Sign: Virgo
Angel: Raphael
Colors: Orange, Light Blue, Grey, Yellow and, Opalescent colors and Violet
Herbs/Plants: Fern, Lavendar, Hazel, Cherry, Periwinkle
Stones: Aventurine, Bloodstone, Hematite, Moss Agate and Sodalite
Oil: (Mercury) Benzoin, Clary Sage, Eucalytus, Lavender

Goddesses: Aset [Isis], Demeter, Ceres, Spider Woman, Bona Dea, Oya,
Devi-Kali, Hella, Rhiannon, Coatlique, Maman Brigette, Sekhmet, Het Heret

Daily Wisdom
September 4, 2019


“When the National Science Foundation asked the “breakthrough” scientists what they felt was the most favorable factor in their education, the answer was almost uniformly, “Intimate association with a great, inspiring teacher.””

-R. Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983)

I think we all need some sort of a mentor, or a role model, or an inspiring teacher in our lives. We may have one, or we may be fortunate enough to have several. Great teachers can give us more than we can get from books or history lessons. When we form a personal connection with a teacher, we also learn from that teacher’s life experiences. It is meaningful to us because we understand that the teacher is invested in our learning, he or she cares. That inspires us.

-Lissa Coffey

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