Being Of Service: Cat’s Angel Message for September 18, 2019

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Being Of Service: Cat’s Angel Message for September 18, 2019

September’s Theme:  Why are we here is a question that we often ask ourselves, and this month we will be exploring our purpose.

Let there be peace on earth. And let it begin with me. – Jill Jackson Miller

918:  Today the angels are asking us to consider this question: “How can I be of service?” Being of service to others is part of everyone’s Life Purpose or Mission. By helping others the energy that extends flows out and on its journey, it touches multiple people and situations before returning to us. Sometimes being of service can be a big undertaking, however, more often than not it’s the small things that bring the greatest joy and reward. There are many ways to be of service: Helping an elderly relative or neighbor. Maybe you know someone who needs a little mentoring or just someone to talk to. Spending quality time with your family. Volunteering at a local charity or even helping a stranger. Embrace unity and community and keep the energy moving today, not only does it makes others feel good, it makes you feel good too!

    • Archangel Jophiel the angel of Illumination and wisdom, fills us with beautiful, loving thoughts and uplifting energy which helps us to create a fresh approach to life. Jophiel tells us that goodness and beauty surround us all the time. By keeping ourselves open to receiving these blessings it draws the things we need directly to us. She reminds us that slowing down activates our creative mind and makes these things easier to visualize and grasp and by taking the time to “smell the roses” the attitude of gratitude flows more easily.


  • The Ascended Master El Morya supports all who give of themselves to help lift up others. He teaches us the importance of putting aside what we cannot control so that we are free to think about other things. He reminds us that it is our faith that keeps us grounded so that we can embrace both the patience and the clear decision making needed to make things happen.



  • And the Egyptian goddess Hathor helps us to find the answer to the question “How shall I live my life?” She tells us that every moment gives us opportunities for growth. ” When you are filled with indecision you move away from yourself and your power as a creator. Indecision silences your ability to hear your own inner wisdom. If you need my help just ask and I will shower you with energy that will tip the scales in the direction of what you desire.”



Our Sacred Stones for today include:

  • Use Apatite to embrace a humanitarian attitude which helps to show where and how we can be of service.
  • Rhodonite helps to balance both mental and physical energy. It shows us all sides to any given situation and clears away confusion and helps to promote confidence. It’s calming influence helps us to ground and balance even during chaotic or upsetting situations. It also helps to promote the feeling of brotherhood. It also helps to clear and activate the heart chakra which is essential to embracing gratitude while promoting a loving and balanced approach to life and encourages a positive attitude and creativity.
  • Stilbite which helps us to find creative solutions to problems and enhances our intuition so that we can more effectively offer assistance.

Bright blessings for a magickal day!

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