A Little Bit of Besom Lore

A Little Bit of Besom Lore

1) Never give away a used broom. It brings bad luck to you and the person you gave it to.

2) You should never sweep your house at night. The faeries and spirits that live in and around your home find it an insult.

3) To keep ghosts out of your home, you should lean your broom against the door jamb.

4) If you drop a broom on the floor, you will have company.

5) If you unmarried and step over a broom that is on the floor, you will never marry.

6) The first items brought into a new home should be a new broom and a loaf of bread. It will bring good luck.

7) Never sweep dust out of the front door with your broom. All the good luck will be swept out with the dust!

8) Taking a broom across the water brings bad luck.

9) You should never lean a broom against a bed or the person who sleeps on that side will die.

10) Never hit someone with a broom, it will make them lazy.

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Compiled from various internet resources.